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You can log in to your Performer Area here or by clicking on the Performer Login at the bottom of the Who's online page. Fill in the fields with your Performer name and password and click on the Login button.
You can start your SoulCams Model Application by clicking on the GO ONLINE button. This will start the application in a new window (to know more about the Sender Software read the SoulCams Model Application section)


  • Sum up statistics: you can see your main performance at the top of the main page in special boxes. We collected the most important stats in these boxes that models would like to know. Clicking on a desired box you will be directed to the detailed menu of it.
  • Upcoming and currently running promotions / contests on SoulCams: We usually have more promotions running in the same time for models. You can see a chart where the main details of the promotion can be found (duration, total prize, a link where you can read more about it and a link to the current ranks)


  • A perfect way of keeping contact with members is to use the inbuilt message system at the menu called Messages. This is also where you get system notifications, for example about votes given on your shows from members.
  • If you would like to send something to a member then click on Write messages then type the desired member's viewer ID. When you start to type the viewer ID, system lists the possible member usernames for you, choose the right one from there (click on it).
  • You can enclose pictures too and links. If you have any pictures on your PC you can easily send them to any members just like sending and email but you can send images uploaded to your gallery already also by clicking on Browse from gallery. Sending video links is also possible, if you would like to share a youtube video with a member you can easily do it! Do not forget to type a message as well to the member, do not send only links or pictures, write them at least some lines!
  • Sending the same message to more members: you can send the same message to more members. We ask you to use it carefully and avoid spamming members still. Make sure to write unique messages to them individually rather, however in some cases the option to send the same message to more of your fan members might be useful (e.g. sending some new images of you to your fans etc). When you compose a message, enter the member username and put either a comma or semicolon before entering the following member username.
  • Seen/Not seen yet: it is indicated if the member you sent the message to saw the message or not yet. You can see it at the end of each conversation on the main Message page.
  • It is important to keep in touch with your customers, notify them when you are online and talk to them a bit even when they won't come online. Showing them interest can have a long-term effect!


Models have a detailed performer statistics menu where incomes can be seen in real-time.
Please note that if you work under a studio account then your studio boss may disable or restrict the Statistics menu for you.
First of all choose the period you would like to check and click on OK, basically the present period is selected.
First you see a chart containing a summary of your income types based on the selected month or period

You can find the following Charge Types here:

Standard private more members can join the show in the same time (maximum 4 members). If you are having a Standard private session, other members will not be able to start a ONE-ON-ONE show until the current show finishes. Read more about it here
1on1 Private only 1 member can see you and chat with you, other members can not join the show or use the voyeur option Read more about it here
Voyeur members can peek in your room if you are in private session or in members only' mode. They CANNOT TYPE, only watch your live stream. If you are having a ONE-ON-ONE show, other members will not be able to peek in your room with Voyeur feature Read more about it here
Tip members can send you virtual gifts while you are online or normal tips both when you are online or offline. Read more about tips/virtual gifts here
Photo vote During special photo contests you can receive votes from members if you uploaded pictures.
Awards we run Model Awards for our performers, if you won a prize, it will appear like this. Read the details about Top Model Awards here
New member bonus We sometimes run special new member bonus periods. It means that we give you a fix bonus for referring new members to us.
Performer referral You can refer fellow performers to SoulCams and get 10% share lifetime from their earnings and a one-time special referral bonus of $50 after each of them. Read more about the Performer referral system here
Loyalty bonus Based on our Loyalty program if you earn at least $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months and we will reward you with $1000 bonus. Read more about the Loyalty Program here
Bonus We usually run special contests for performers. If you won any prize, you will see it like this. You can check out out previous performer contests here
  • Charge Back / Refund: we do our best to fight against credit card frauds (credit card abuse, using stolen card, ...) but it happens rarely that it cannot be avoided. In these cases we need to deduct the spent amount from your earnings and you will see it with either Charge Back or Refund entry. If you see a REFUND entry in your statistics then it may mean that the member and asked his transaction back. Refunds also may happen if the billing company (billing company = members buy credits through this) realised that the transaction is fraudulent and they find it better to refund the transaction before it becomes chargeback.
  • Cancel: if a member makes a complain about your private show and the complaint was grounded then we give back his credits.

Turnover Date:

  • here you can see the detailed statistics of the selected period. Basically you see the daily stats but clicking on a desired day you will see the detailed stats of the selected day
  • you can see the member username who spent credits in your room, what kind of spend it was, your % from it, the date when it was finished, its duration (in case of private shows and voyeur only) and your share in USD.


  • you can see how much time you have been online (day-hour-minute-second)
  • Note: Online time means your total time spent online on the site regardless of the online status. The term 'Time in free' might be a bit misleading as we also include here the time you spent in free chat and private session also.


My profile

  • Referral: check out your referral links that can be used for inviting users and fellow performers to
  • Performer category and characteristics: change your characteristics here (read more about it under under this page)
  • Performer charge options: set the prices of the different Private Show Types and voyeur
  • Tell us something about yourself: you can update your profile text here. Please be aware of the words you use in this section, read carefully the the following guide.
  • Amazon Wish List: if you have an Amazon wish list you can add the link here and it will appear on your bio page. You can show the members what items you would be happy to get.
  • Twitter: if you have a Twitter account you can add it here. It also will appear on your bio page
  • Languages: select the language/languages you speak (select those you speak well).

My images

Your pictures can be handled under menu MY IMAGES. You can upload your own pictures here and move them to folders.

  • You can create albums and manage them (e.g. to move from one album to another) with the help of the buttons found at the bottom of the page.
  • Please mind that there are TWO MAIN CATEGORIES under GALLERY: FREE PICTURES and MEMBERS ONLY pictures. When you upload pictures mind which folder you put them in. e.g. nude, explicit pictures should be uploaded to FOR MEMBERS folder.

Gallery Policy

You can upload non-nude (average, with clothes on) and explicit (nude) pictures as well, the most basic requirement is that YOU or any of your body parts HAS TO be on the images.

You cannot upload pictures neither to FREE nor to FOR MEMBERS album if:

  • anybody else appears on the picture (only the person / people registered under the performer account can appear on the image, friends, family members etc cannot be on the picture)
  • they advertise any other website (pictures made at other sites and containing the website's URL or logo)
  • they advertise a cam splitter program (like splitcam, manycams, ...) (cam splitter programs sometimes put their logo on the live camera picture)

Profile Images

This is the picture that will appear on the list page so mind to choose a good one. Please do not use effects on your profile image and text should not be added to it either.

Profile Image policy

  • the image has to be with good quality
  • only the registered person(s) can appear on it. Other persons, pets, mascots, cars, landscapes, etc cannot be accepted as a profile image at all.
  • the registered person has to appear on the profile image and must contain the model's face. Profile images where only body parts like a foot, mouth, eyes are not acceptable as well
  • the model(s) has to be well-visible on the profile picture
  • a profile image cannot contain sexually explicit content (nude body) and sex toys.
  • additional texts cannot be edited on a profile image (e.g. per-minute price, descriptions, alerts ...)

My privacy

Banning countries

If you would not like to have viewers from a country or more countries (e.g. from your own country) you can restrict users from the desired countries (up to 10 countries) here. The selected countries can be changed any time under this menu with the help of the arrows.

We distinguish two types of visitors in our country banning system:

  • Guests and free members
  • Paying members

The effect of country banning:

  • Visitors from a banner country will not get any results if they type your performer username to the 'Search' field on the list page
  • If you banned a country then users from that country cannot access your room, do not find your profile on the site at all and cannot see your photo contest images either
  • will not see your profile image in Model Awards, contests. They will see a sample image instead and only the first letter of your performer username will be seen in Model Awards and contests for visitors from a banned country. So instead of MystiqueMilla for example there will be 'M...' written only.
  • The online status indicator in the Model awards and contest pages will always show you offline for a visitor from a banned country, even if you are in free chat, members only mode, private or break mode.

Banning members

You can ban members here. Both free and paying members can be banned. Please use it carefully and use this option only if it is really necessary.

If you add a member to the 'banned members' list, the member:

  • will not get any results if they type your performer username to the 'Search' field on the list page
  • cannot access your room (meaning that they will not know if you are online), do not find your profile on the site at all
  • cannot see your photo contest images if you have any
  • will not see your profile image in Model Awards, contests. They will see a sample image instead and only the first letter of your performer username. For example instead of MystiqueMilla they will see 'M...' written only with a sample profile photo.

My notes

You can write notes about members (name, age, birthday, ..) and to read back the notes as well you made previously. It will pop up in a new window (make sure your firewall doesn't block pop-up windows). Don't forget to press Save note when finished. NOTES also can be opened from the Sender software clicking on the viewer's name and choosing NOTES

Chat quicktexts

If you do not want to type several times a day where you are from, how old you are or what type of shows you do then this is a useful feature for you. You can edit or update these texts under this menu, the prewritten sentences will appear in your SoulCams Model Application.

How to use the quicktexts while you are online:

1) click on the T icon in the SoulCams Model Application and the edited sentences will appear above
2) then choose a sentence (click on it)
3) and it will be visible in the chat field. Push the ENTER key to publish the sentence in the chat.

There is an easier way to use the shortcuts using the CTRL + 1-9 keys.

Change password

You can change your password here.



Here you can see the ongoing performer contests on SoulCams. By clicking on the title of a contest you will be directed to its ranks.

Model awards

Read more about it at SoulCams Model Awards section.

Loyalty program

Read more about it at Performer Loyalty program section.



  • The Members tab is a very helpful function for performers.
  • It is important to note that only those members appear here who bought credits at least once on the site, basic members are not listed here.
  • Members appear in alphabetical order in the list, however those members appears first to whom you gave Gift credits to. The current available gift credit balance of the member (this is the sum of credits the member can spend on you as a gift credit) is indicated at the bottom-right corner of the member thumbnail.
  • You can search members by entering their member username to the "Filter' section.
  • You can check out the member's profile (if he added information), images (if he uploaded any), check his wishes (if he has any), send him a message using the inbuilt-messaging system or give them Gift credits or Free minutes. It is also useful information to see here if the member has normal or promotionla credits. A scale from 1 to 5 will show, how much of these credits the member has.

My favorites

  • You can mark members as favorite (follow) and this menu will show you a list of them.
  • You can mark members favourite (follow) in the SoulCams Model Application easily, just click on the member's username, then on 'Mark as favourite' or you can click on the 'Follow' button at the top-right corner of a member profile (Performer account/My network/Members menu and after chosing a desired member)
  • The marked member will appear with a heart icon in the viewer list of the SoulCams Model Application. When you mark a member favourite then he will get a notification message about it.

My followers

Members also can mark models as favorite (Follow) and you will see here the list of the members who follow you.

Reviews about me

Members can write reviews about you in case they spent at least 5 minutes in private with you within the last 45 days. Approved reviews will appear on your profile also at 'Reviews' tab, so it definitely helps your reputation grow.

Comments about me

Members can make comments about performers. The more comments you have, the better you will attract visitors' attention! Also note that the comments are visible on your bio page even when you are offline so you even may catch someone's attention when you are not online. You also can reply to a comment that will appear on your profile as well (Comments tab). If you receive an offensive comment, you can moderate it or ban the member.

Wishes from members

There is a feature called 'Wishes' for members. They can write about their wishes, fantasies, about what kind of a girl they are looking for. You can reply to these wishes and encourage the member to take you to private session.


Referred members

  • This menu contains a list of members who signed up on SoulCams using your individual member referral link or added your performer username as 'referrer model' at the member singup procedure.
  • For more information regarding the member referral system check out the Member referral section.
  • You can see your individual member referral link at the top of the very first page in 'Referrals' box / 'Your referral links'.
  • The list does not contain those members who became closed (either for the member's request or due to a fraudulent transaction attempt)

You will see the following information associated with your referred members:

  • Signup date: this is the date when the member created his member account using your own referral link or adding your performer username to the 'Referred by' field during the member account signup.
  • Last login: this shows when the member logged into his account last.
  • Bonus:
    • '20% referral bonus': it means you get +20% share after the referred member.
    • 'Not new member': it means that the member is not a new member, he already had accounts before on the site where he purchased credits already and your are not eligible to get +20% commission after him.
    • 'Not purchased yet': it means that the member has not made any transactions yet.

Referred models

  • You can refer new models to SoulCams and get a lifetime share of 10% of their earnings. You'll also get a one time special referral bonus of $50 after each model.
  • You can see your individual performer referral link at the top of the very first page in 'Referrals' box / 'Your referral links'. You may also use the built-in email service in your account to send out invites.
  • You can read more about the performer referral system at Performer referral system section.

You will see the following information associated with your referred performers:

  • Signup date: this is the date when the performer created her account using your own referral link
  • Last online: this shows when the referrred performer was online last
  • Bonus:
    • '$50': this bonus will be issued to your stats once the referred performers gets his first payout from us (forthat the model needs to earn over $100)
    • '10%': the first time when you get your 10% portion from the referred performer's earning is when she gets her first payment from us.
      • 'paid': it means that you got your 10% portion, it was issued to your stats
      • 'pending': it means the amount you will get once the performer gets her payment from us

Send invitation email

If you know a member or a performer and you would like to refer him/her to us you can just add his/her email address and we send a pre-composed email to them on behalf of you. Check out below how these invitiation emails look like:

  • Member inviation email:


This is a personal invitation from XXX to join today. Create your free account and enjoy unlimited video chat with real amateur models. Enjoy special member promotions, receive FREE credits and minutes from models. These are just some of the benefits you get as a member at

Enter SoulCams

  • Performer inviation email:


This is a personal invitation from XXX to join today.

Broadcast with your cam on, earn money even when you are not online! Boost your earnings with member referral (+20% lifetime), performer referral ($50 + 10% lifetime commission) and exciting contests and constant model awards.

Create your account here


You can read interesting articles on and our team posts fascinating articles occasionally. On the top of that you can show your opinion either by liking the article or making a comment on it. This is also a good way of seeing how members and models react on different topics and you can use it for building a relationship with fellow models or members as well.