Performer Share System

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Basic commission

The basic commission is 50% (1 token = 0,05 USD).

It means that each token a non-referred member spends in your room will result in 50% share for you.

Commission after referred members

Above the 50% base commission, we offer +20% after referred members. It means that for a referred member your share is 70%! (1 token = 0,07 USD)

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Promotions, contests and other benefits

On the top of all these, we pay out even more for Models through our contests and other model promotions. We also often run Token promotions for Members, like 'Win your transactions back!', 'Buy 2, get 3' etc. These free Tokens are given as a bonus from the site to Members and will be spent on you.

What costs we cover

  • Transaction fees: SoulCams covers each and every transaction fee after Members' Token purchases as well as payment processor reserves and other fees.
  • Chargeback and refunds: although rare, but it might happen that we are unable to collect money from members or that they initiate a so called chargeback. SoulCams handles these cases and will not deduct the amounts from Models and Studios. It means that your earning is safe with us. Read more about the Chargeback protection here
  • Marketing: includes marketing campaigns and affiliate earnings, bonuses
  • Maintenance costs (servers, hosting, software licenses)
  • Website development: salaries, hiring staff and support, etc.