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  • The basic performer share is 50%.
  • Your share from referred members is: 70%: you get +20% extra lifetime commission after members you invite to us. It means that with a referred member you earn 70% of what he spends in your room. Read more about the member referral here: Members referral system on SoulCams
  • Private shows initiated from Hidden cam mode and Free chat area will be calculated with the same percentage
  • Contest prizes, awards prizes, loyalty bonuses, new member bonuses are paid in full (100%)
  • Photo votes during special photo vote events are credited to your account by fix 50% share even if the vote was cast by a member you referred.
  • SoulCams often give free promotional credits for members and gift credits to models. These are free credits from the site and they are calculated with a different % regardless if the spending comes from a referred member or not:
    • Earnings generated by gift credits are calculated with a fixed rate of 50%, regardless if the member was referred or not. Read more about the gift credit system here
    • Earnings generated by promotional credits are calculated with a fixed rate of 35%, regardless if the member was referred or not. The only exception is when members vote on your contest images during special photo contest as those will be calculated with a fix 50% still. Read more about the promotional credits here: Promotional credits on SoulCams

This chart explains what wallet types members can have, what these credit types mean and what your commissions (%) are from them:

Member Wallet Types Wallet definition Your % from these spending
Standard credits Credits that members buy 50% (non-referred members) or 70% (referred members)
Promotional credits Extra credits that the site gives for members. More info: Promotional credits fix 35% regardless if the member is non-referred or referred
Gift credits Extra credits that members can receive from performers. More info: Gift credits fix 50% regardless if the member is non-referred or referred

If the member has different credit types and he spends in your room (on private show, spy, tip, photo vote) then these credit types are being deducted proportionally from the member. If the member has two or more of these credits types, your earning from private shows or tips/virtual gifts could contain credit types with different percentages. In order to make the statistics consistent, the different credit types will be displayed as one.


Let’s say the member has the following balances:

  • Standard credits: 5
  • Promotional credits: 3
  • Gift credits: 2

The member gives you a 5cr valued tip. The system will use the member's wallets proportionally to the original balance values. Meaning that as he/she used up half of his/her credits, the system will deduct the half of each credit balance, which equals to 2.5 normal credits, 1.5 promotional credits and 1.0 gift credits.

The following chart helps you to understand the performer share system on SoulCams:

private shows and spy virtual gifts and tips photo vote
non-referred members spending from normal credit balance 50% 50% 50%
referred members spending from normal credit balance 70% 70% 50%
member spending from gift credits* 50% 50% 50%
member spending from promotional credits* 35% 35% 50%

-*regardless if he is a referred member or not


  • You get +20 % lifetime share after each new member you refer to This is a constant offer so feel free to invite new members whenever you wish and enjoy earning more money with them via private shows, Spy or tips/virtual gifts.
  • We created a menu in your performer account with name 'Referrals / Referred members' where you can see a list of those users who used your own referral link to sign up or added your performer username to the 'Referred by' section during the member account signup procedure.


  • The new member has to sign up using your own referral link. Find your own referral URL in your performer account on the very first page in the 'Referrals' box. Alternatively you can ask the member to fill in the 'Referred by' field with your performer username during the member signup.
  • The member has to be new on the site (the member did not make any transactions before on any accounts)

How to invite members?

  • If you have a personal website or blog, place your own referral link there. Find your own referral link in your performer account on the very first page.
  • Use social media like Twitter for attracting visitors to your room. Ask them to sign up using your own referral link

Why is it better to have your member base on SoulCams?

There are a lot of reasons why it is better to have your member base on SoulCams. Check them out here: Why to have your member base on


Do you have webcam model friends who do not work on SoulCams yet? Maybe you have friends who might be interested in earning money online? Now you can earn extra cash by inviting them to us. Refer new models to SoulCams and get 10% share lifetime from their earnings! On the top of that we will give you a one time special referral bonus of $50 after each of them. This special offer is valid until recalled so hurry, send the invitation to your friends and enjoy earning extra money with us lifetime!

Who can invite who?

Either you are part of a studio or you are a solo performer on the site you can refer models. The only requirement is to have a performer account on SoulCams with active status. Note that the performer you refer has to create a solo performer account on SoulCams and you are eligible for the lifetime share if the model is new on the site and did not have any other accounts before. Please mind that the offer is not valid for referring studios.


  • You have to use your own referral link for inviting performers to the site. Find the link in your performer account on the very first page or in the Referrals / ’Referred models’ menu.
  • You will get 10% of the referred model’s income from private shows (standard and 1on1 privates), tips, spy and photo votes.
  • The 10% portion from the referred performers' earnings will be credited to your statistics when the referred model has a payout due meaning that she earned over $100.
  • The one-time special referral bonus of $50 will be added to your statistics once the referred performer gets her first payout from us.
  • It might happen that you would like to refer a model who already had an account with us. We will investigate every such cases and of course in case the model does not work on our site any more but become active again due to your efforts then we will make an exception. In this case the model has to signup again using your own referral link.

Where do I see if someone signed up using my referral link?

We created a menu in your performer account for that. Look for 'Referrals' / ’Referred performers’ menu. In this page you will see the models signed up by your referral link, you can see the date they signed up and the status of the referral bonus as well as if you are eligible for the bonus. 'Pending' means the amount you will get from the referred performers' earnings when they get their payouts from us.

Note: We will not tolerate any tricks or fraud and will close your account immediately if we find out about it (and we usually do).

How should I advertise SoulCams? What benefits to mention?

  • First of all mention that SoulCams gives the best commission for models on the market. No tricks with token system, clear, easily understandable statistics and payout system.
  • Lifetime share after referred members: we give +20% lifetime share from the invited members spending lifetime!
  • Easy site rules, model-friendly site support and management: we are more than proud to be the site where models are treated like real partners. We do not penalize models for every small mistakes, no penalties and money deductions, SoulCams is a site where models can be themselves. Our site representative is ready to give personalized help to anyone.
  • Several options to earn money: broadcasting with cam, option to earn money offline also by getting offline tips, taking part in special photo contest, model awards, special contests with serious money prizes