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Model Awards was shut down on 1 January, 2022. Please check out our other promotions on this page

The conditions of participating in the promotion

  • an approved and active Performer Account (accounts suspended for violation of our rules will be automatically disqualified from the contest)
  • at least 5 uploaded, good-quality pictures in FREE ALBUM on which the performer is visible (by face) and recognizable and one of them is set as a profile image.
  • a set up profile image
  • a complete profile page, with an introduction text (minimum 300 characters)

About the Weekly Top, Monthly Top and Yearly Top

Besides generating income by private shows, spies and tips, you participate in our Weekly Top, Monthly Top and Yearly Top awards to earn extra tokens and receive special badges from SoulCams.

  • There are three competitions: Weekly Top, Monthly Top and Yearly Top
  • During the Weekly Top, you collect points based on your performance on the site. 11 models collecting the most points will take their results to the Monthly Top where the 5 models with the most points win cash prizes
  • Also, the points achieved through the Weekly Top will go to the Yearly Top Awards too where 3 models will win amazing crash prizes!. The model who collects the most points through the Weekly Tops and wins the 1st rank in the Yearly Top will become the 'Model of the year' on SoulCams. Note: The Yearly Top will launch in 2021 January.
  • You do not need to apply for the Awards, you take part in it automatically as long as you meet the criterias (see them below)
  • When you win a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Top Awards position, you will receive a badge. These badges will appear at the bottom of your profile at the 'My achievements' part. All badges will include the Awards you have won (Weekly, Monthly. Yearly), its date and the rank. The more Awards you win, the more badges you will have and the prouder you can be of yourself :)
  • The model winning the Monthly Awards will be highlighted on the site for at least a month and will get a fixed thumbnail banner on the main page of SoulCams. This is a great way to enhance your reputation on the site and gain more visitors. We will select your profile image by default. If you want a different one, email us a new one and we will put that. Also, we will announce the Monthly Top winners to all our members by sending them a newsletter about the Monthly Top results and will post it on our social media platforms.
  • You can see the current ranks in the SoulCast Model Application at 'Contests' tab and also on the following links where you can check back the previous awards ranks too by hitting the 'Previous' button:
  • Note: If two models receive points during this Weekly Top and as a result, they end up with the same points in the Monthly Top then the one who collected more points in the last Weekly will win the higher rank on the Monthly. By points we mean the final points you win by the Weekly contest (110 pts for the 1st rank, 100 pts for the second and so on.).

See the result of the Weekly Top here:

See the results of the Monthly Top here:

See the results of the Yearly Top here:

How your points add up

event type description significance
private show (standard, 1on1) earnings high
online tips and virtual gifts earnings medium
votes after privates feature medium
referring new members feature medium
collecting Likes feature low
offline tips earnings low
online time feature low
collecting followers feature low
  • private shows (standard and 1on1) and spy: usually with a high multiplier
  • tips / virtual gifts: tips and virtual gifts received during online time and offline tips count. Offline tips have lower weight than tips/virtual gifts received online. Tips and virtual gifts are with lower importance in general than private shows and spy sessions.
  • online time: only free chat time counts, online time spent in Hidden cam mode and private do not. Online time has a lower multiplier compared to privates, spies and tips.
  • Votes after private shows: votes after private shows have a high importance. To vote for a model, members need to spend at least 10 minutes in private continuously (without interruption). Once the member goes to private session, a VOTE button will appear on the top of your camera stream where they can rate the show from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest. When the 10 minutes passed, the button will become active for the member and they can vote. If the member forgets to vote during the private session, they can do it later too in the 'Vote for a show' menu in the menu bar. Note: there is no restrictions on the number of a votes a member can issue. Votes are usually with medium weight.
  • referring new members: you will get points when you refer a new member to us and the member makes his first successful transaction. The member has to be new without any transactions on any other accounts. The member has to use your individual referral link to sign up or add your performer username at the 'referred by' section when he signs up.
  • Followers: Members can follow you by clicking on the ‘Follow’ icon on your profile. Both basic members (without purchase) and standard members can follow you. Note: a member already following you, unfollowing and following again, will not count.
  • Likes: occasionally, you can collect points by collecting 'likes' from members. The 'like' button will be visible for members under your chat interface. Note: hitting the like button works only in case the model is online. Any active members can vote, every 2 hours, which means a total of 12 votes per day (24 hours). An active members is one who made at least one purchase within the last 30 days. Likes can have different weights based on our setting.
Weekly Top Monthly Top Yearly Top
rank prize points prize points prize points
1 - 110 5000 - 20000 -
2 - 100 3500 - 15000 -
3 - 90 2000 - 10000 -
4 - 80 1200 -
5 - 70 800 -
6 - 60
7 - 50
8 - 40
9 - 30
10 - 20
11 - 10
12 - 8
13 - 6
14 - 4
15 - 2


We reserve the right to disqualify models from contests and promotions if the performance or quality of the stream is not up to our standards. We consider these events and incidents as damaging to the website's reputation and will not tolerate them. These include, but not limited to the following:

  • Broadcasting low quality, bad stream (low FPS, low resolution, low light conditions, artifacts, etc.)
  • Empty chat room (model is not appearing on cam)
  • Appearance not appropriate: model should look authentic and attractive
    • Dirty or messy clothing
    • Lack of overall hygiene
    • Lack of mental and/or physical fitness (sleep deprivation, looking tired or exhausted)
    • Being online too long without break/sleep
    • sleeping in front of the cam or 'passing out'
  • Broadcasting pre-recorded video instead of live stream
  • Constant stream showing total zoom on one specific body part, clothing item or room equipment/furniture
  • Still stream (one frame showing only as still image)
  • Using stolen identity / fake IDs to register a model account
  • Forcing or soliciting members to vote, tip, start a private session, etc.
  • Mocking, harassing other models or users of SoulCams
  • Promotion of your profile and/or services through spamming (including email, comments, chat, board and so on)
  • Model using her own card, friends' card, family members' card for creating member account and buying tokens to spend them on herself, abusing the contest points
  • involvement in fraud

In certain cases, we will notify and warn the model before suspension but in some cases we will suspend the account for a given time or even close the account immediately.

Step 1: Notification, warning (by email or in chat)

Step 2: Suspension of account (from 1 hour to a few days, depending on the severity)

Step 3: Closing of the account and in some cases holding payments

Payment of the prizes

The 'Model of the Year' cash prizes will be paid over 1,5 months (3 periods) following the end of the contest (1 Jan, 16 Jan, 1 Feb). The amount will be divided in 3 parts, which will be added to the regular payouts if you earn over $200 in the given period. If, due to whatever reasons, one would not generate at least $200 earnings in a given period, the prize amount will be held for the next period.