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When you you are online you can control your online status with the SoulCast Software. It means that you can decide if you would like to be in free chat, Hidden cam mode while you are online. There is only one status you cannot set manually: the private show. So if you are in free chat or hidden cam mode, your status will automatically change to Private status if a member or members take you to private session.
If you would like to see how you can recognize if a member goes to private show (Standard Private Show and 1on1) with you or peeks in your room with Spy feature, read the Private Show Types

Free chat

  • Your online live picture is visible for all visitors (guests and members) except viewers from those countries you banned. Visitors will ask you several questions in the common (main) free chat and you should answer them.
  • Free chat is the best place for showing yourself to the customers or the future customers (guests). Reply to their questions, chat with them, introduce yourself more times if possible as newer and newer clients will arrive to your room who would like to get to know you better. All users in your free chat room can read what you type, they see each other' s typing also.
  • Models in FREE CHAT will be listed at the top of the Who is Online? page.
  • Please learn what is allowed and what is not why you are in FREE CHAT, you can find the rules under menu LIST OF THE RULES


PM stands for 'Private message' which means 'free private conversation' with a member in free chat. If you would like to talk with a user separately in free chat then you can 'PM' him. This means that you are still in free chat but your conversation will be separated from the main free chat, so nobody else will see what you type to each other. This is a great way for models to get customers know better and encourage them to go to private session. You can select between the tabs, so while you talk with a viewer in private conversation you still can type to the main free chat as well by clicking on the 'FREE CHAT' tab.

Hidden Cam mode

  • This function is recommended only when you have a private show on other site(s) and you would like to hide your live cam picture from SoulCams free chat viewers.
  • Hidden Cam means that your live camera picture is hidden from viewers although they still can access your room and they can type to you as well. If you use this function we advise you to keep typing to chat area if you see visitors in your room, they may wait until you are free again!
  • If you are in HIDDEN CAM MODE members may go to private session with you any time. As soon as a member goes to private he will see your live camera stream. Members also can peek in your room with SPY function if you enabled it. To read more about SPY function and the way you can enable / limit it read the SPY section. You also can receive Tips from SoulCams members while you use the the HIDDEN CAM MODE.
  • Don' t use HIDDEN CAM MODE if you would like to:
    • take a break
    • leave the cam (going to the bathroom, etc)
    • sleep

For such purposes you have to go offline.

Break function

Please note that the Break function is not available any more due to its low popularity.