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Creating your own Tip Menu will help members have a better understanding of what you are willing to do and how many tokens it will cost them. Make sure you let your users know what you offer and what that costs, and keep your costs reachable! If you're asking for too much, users may be hesitant to participate.

Tips/Virtual gifts

On SoulCams, can receive online and offline tips and virtual gifts from users while you are online. To understand what Tips and Virtual gifts are and how they work, please check out this wiki page.

Where to set up your Tip menu

You can set up and update your Tip Menu in your performer account at menu 'Settings' / 'Tip menu' or by clicking on this link: https://performer.soulcams.com/performerarea/tipmenu.php

Alternatively, you can be directed to this menu by hitting the 'My Tip Menu' button in the model application while you are online.

You can add 1 to 25 tip menu items to the list and you can update it any time you wish so.

Where your Tip menu is displayed for users

This menu will appear both in your profile page and in your chat interface while you are online. Members will be able to check your menu any time by hitting the 'Show Tip Menu' button beneath your camera stream.

Tips and suggestions for setting up your Tip Menu

  • Start small (Ex: Like what you see? - 5tk, Blow a kiss - 7tk, etc) and work your way up to the bigger stuff.
  • Order it all into an ascending order (small to big)
  • Keep the text as short as possible and write easily-understandable willingness.
  • Don't be afraid to add non-sexual items to your menu. Writing the user's name on your chest with lipstick, feet closeups, silly dances, pushups, request a song, request a different lipstick color, buy me a coffee, buy me a pizza, take a shot, take a drink of water... You can list it all on a tip menu and, yes, viewers will tip for these things.
  • If there is something on your Tip menu that you don't necessarily want to do all the time, make sure to communicate that. Update your Tip menu accordingly and on regular basis.
  • Make sure each item is uniquely priced! Item requests from viewers do not come with a tip note explaining what they tipped you for. Often, the chat notification you will see is just 'XY member tipped you 30 tokens!' If that token amount only corresponds with one item on your menu, you will automatically know what to do and you won't have to awkwardly try to figure out what the viewer is tipping for.
  • Don't put something on your tip menu that you aren't wholly comfortable doing on cam or aren't really sure what the viewer expectation would be.
  • Price wisely. An overpriced menu might result in low interest. Remember the Dutch saying: Look after the cents and the euros/dollars will look after themselves'

Example for a Tip Menu

This is a simple example for a Tip menu:

  • Blowing a kiss: 20 Tokens
  • PM : 25 Tokens
  • Show feet: 30 Tokens
  • Spank ass: 50 Tokens
  • Doggy : 80 Tokens
  • Flash ass: 100 Tokens
  • Flash tits: 150 Tokens
  • Oil on tits: 200 Tokens
  • .
  • .
  • Dance naked for 3 mins: 500 Tokens
  • .
  • .

If you would like to temporarily suspend or disable your Tip menu

For whatever reasons you may need to suspend your Tip menu or permanently disable it. It is easy to do so, just simply remove the selection from 'Show tip menu to users' in the 'Tip menu' menu and hit 'Save'.