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Some basic info about the new SoulCast software

Our team has been working hard to implement a new streaming technology on SoulCams.

The aim of this comprehensive development is to get rid off Flash technology and let models broadcast their streams in much better quality and also in 16:9 resolutions (widescreen). In the same time, we upgraded the emotions and implemented some new useful features as well, while we also removed some old some features that were not popular.

How to go online with SoulCast

1. After logging into your performer account, you can choose from two options to go online. Choose SoulCast Software.
2. A new pop-up window will appear, this is the SoulCast streaming app.
3. System will start to analize and detect your audio and video devices. Meantime, your browser might request you to allow access to SoulCams to use your cam and microphone. Choose 'Allow'.

Allow soulcast.png

Note: if it is the first time you are opening SoulCast, it might take a while till system dedects all your audio and video devices. Please be patient. This procedure is usually fast after the first usage of SoulCast.
Important: if the audio and video detecting procedure does not finish from itself, it means that you probably have an ad blocker software preventing it. Please disable your ad blocker software when you use SoulCast or set SoulCams as an exception in the ad blocker settings.

Soulcast testing audio and video devices.png

4. Once the system could detect all your audio and video devices, the Streaming settings panel will come up where you can choose the desired audio and video source and the streaming presets (read more about streaming presets here)

Soulcast streaming settings.png

5. Once you finished, hit 'Save settings'. The 'Streaming settings' panel will disappear and you are ready to go online. In order to do so, hit the 'Go online' green button at the top-left part of the window.

Soulcams you are online.png

Reporting bugs

As the first version is in beta test, you might experience minor bugs. If you see any unusual operation, bugs pelp our work by filling out the SOULCAST BUG REPORT PAGE

Also, if any have any suggestions, comments, please just contact us at [email protected]


As the new SoulCast streaming app provides a much better camera quality, models with HDS stream will appear at the top of the list page. It means that models with HDS stream receive more traffic.

Recommended setup and browser

Please Windows 7, 8 or 10 for broadcasting with the SoulCast streaming app.

The new streaming application is compatible with Google Chrome. Make sure to use the latest version of Google Chrome to go online.

AdBlocker softwares

Certain Ad blocker plugins may cause unusual operations. We advise you to turn off such ad blockers or set Soulcams as an exception in the ad blocker extension settings.

Streaming settings

You can select from 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) resolutions and from the following presets:

  • 4:3 - High (1024x768, 1500 kbit):
  • 4:3 - Medium (800x600, 800 kbit):
  • 4:3 - Low (640x480, 500 kbit)
  • 16:9 - Low (640x360, 500 kbit)
  • 16:9 - High (1280x720, 1500 kbit)

Note: if you use a camera splitter software (e.g SplitCam, ManyCam, etc), use the same resolution in the splitter settings for the best streaming quality.

Renamed features

  • 'Hide Cam' mode: same as 'Members only' mode.
  • 'PM': same as 'invite'. Inviting a user to a private conversation in free chat.
  • Spy mode: same as Voyeur mode. When users can peek in your room while you are in either 'Hidden cam' mode or private session
  • Mute: same as 'kick'. When you kick a user from your room.

New and/or extended features

  • Emotions: wider range of emotions. You can choose from predefined emotion themes or start typing a desired emotion.
  • 'Clear messages' feaure: by hitting this button you can clear your chat interface. So what the visitors typed to you can be erased. Note: by using this fetures, only your model application chat interface will be cleared, the text stays visible for visitors
  • User list: at the top of the user list, you can see the total number of guests, basic members, active and VIP members in your room and the list of visitors beneath.
  • New text colours:
guests users without a registration (guests) get the 'guest' tag + a 5-digit number, e.g. guest00001, guest10523, etc light grey guest01234: I am a guest. This is how you and other users will see my text in your room
basic members = free members. They signed up but have not purchased credits yet dark grey jonnybravo: I am a basic member. This is how you and other users will see my text in your room
active members those members who bought credits at least once on SoulCams and they have an approved transaction during the last 30 days dark blue + bold jonnybravo: I am an active member. This is how you and other users will see my text in your room
active members those members who bought credits at least once on SoulCams but they purchased credits more than 30 days ago light blue jonnybravo: I am an active member. This is how you and other users will see my text in your room
VIP members members who signed up for our VIP program. They are usually highly appreciated and high-spending members orange + bold jonnybravo (VIP): I am a VIP member. This is how you and other users will see my text in your room
Performers Performers with approved registration who can go online red + bold MystiqueMilla: Hello, my name is Milla. I am a performer. This is how users will see my text in my room
System notes special system notes about your connection, alerts, notifications when you receive tips etc cyan with black font SYSTEM: You are now ONLINE! Now connecting to streaming server ..

Clicking on a visitor with right mouse button the following actions can be taken:

    • Mute: you can mute the selected visitor. This feature is almost the same as 'kick' in the old SoulCams model software. The text he types to you will not appear in your chatroom and the other users won't see it either.
    • Ban: use it for harassing visitors. The selected user will be banned from your room for 3 hours.
    • PM: same as 'invite' = 'free private conversation'. By clicking on a user in the User list, you can use the 'PM' feature. PM stands for 'Private Message'. If you 'PM' a user, you still will be in free chat but your conversation will be separated from the main free chat, so nobody else will see what you type to each other. You can select between the tabs, so while you talk with a viewer in PM, you still can type to the main free chat as well by clicking on the 'CHAT' tab and you can talk with more 'PM' -ed users separately. Note: only active and VIP members can be 'PM'-ed and there is no time limitation how long a user can stay in PM mode, however you can un-PM the user any time by clicking on the 'x' at the top right corner of the tab.

Model software notification sounds

Here you can check out the notification sounds provided by the SoulCams Model application that you can hear while you are online. Click on the 'loudspeaker icon' to listen to the sounds.

notification sound listen description
receiving tip Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png you can receive tips and virtual gifts from members while you are online in free chat area, members only mode and private chat also and even if you are offline. The sound of a tip depends on the amount of tip you receive
private start Loudspeaker icon.png if a member takes you to private chat (standard or 1on1) chat you will hear this sound.
Spy mode start Loudspeaker icon.png while you are in 'hidden cam' mode or in private with a member already other members can use the Spy mode to peek in your room (they cannot chat, just watch). Once you have a member peeking you will hear this sound.
Spy mode end Loudspeaker icon.png if the member using the voyeur function leaves your room you will hear this sound
favourite member join Loudspeaker icon.png when followed (marked as favorite) members enter your chat room.
VIP member enters Loudspeaker icon.png when a VIP member enters your room.
disconnection Loudspeaker icon.png If you are online and you get disconnected (e.g due to internet connection issues, etc) you will hear this sound.

Not yet implemented / Removed features

Not yet implemented features

  • Contest / Awards standings in the Model application: they are not implemented in the first beta version of the new application. We do our best to make it as soon as possible.

Removed features

  • Break function: you could stay online but indicate that you are away on break. Due to the low interest of this feature, it is not implemented in the SoulCast model application.
  • Notes: you used to be able to make notes of members. Due to the lack of interest of this feature, we have not integrated it in the new version of the model application.
  • Skins and font colours: in the older version of SoulCams model application, you could set your desired skin with different colours as well as your font colour. In the new version there is one skin and one font colour available.
  • Wishlist: due to the lack of interest of this feature, it will not show up in the new model application.