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This is the official FAQ page for Members



How can I go to private session, what do I need to do step by step?

  • First you need to create a member account, you can sign up by clicking on the FREE SIGNUP! text at the top-right corner of the site or click here. Choose a username (this is the name performers will see when you enter their room), choose a password you will easily remember later and add a valid, working email address where you are available.
  • If done then you will be redirected to the BUY CREDIT page. Please mind that as it is an online transaction you need to add your valid details in all cases for your own and our safety as well, transaction attempts with inappropriate details will be rejected!
  • choose a credit package then provide the owner of the credit card you wish to use, the credit card number, the CVV2 number and the expiry date of it. If done then click on FINISH and wait for the answer from the Billing Service Provider. The transaction may be approved or declined:
  • If your transaction was approved (check your balance at the top of the page) then you can go to private session with the models (Standard and One-On-One), use the SPY feature (peek in their room). If you open the model's live chat room then you can see the Start Show button above her live camera picture. If you click on it, a pop-up window will come up and you can decide if you wish to go to private with Standard mode or One-on-One way

I'm concerned about giving out my e-mail address.

SoulCams never shares or sells your registration information, including your email address (You can read more about our Privacy Policy here), your email address is not displayed on our site, and our performers do not know your personal information. Of course, if you contact any of SoulCams' models and exchange your contact information, we can't prevent the chathost from sending you email, but that is your decision. In case you suspect that a model is sending you unsolicited emails (spam), please report it to us immediately. We have an internal messaging system which is free for all paid members, we suggest you use it instead of giving out your private e-mail address. We may also periodically use email to send you newsletters or special offers about the site. You can quit receiving newsletters from us any time. Also note that we send transaction confirmation emails to your registered email address, so it is really important to have a valid, working email address where you are available.

Is it safe to buy credits?

Buying credits is 100% secure, your transactions will be handled by the industry leading billing processor: SecurionPay. Confidential information (your name, card details, ..) are transmitted via encrypted channels (look for the "closed padlock" icon in your browser). Any personal information collected from you is kept strictly confidential and is for the limited purpose of identity verification to protect SoulCams from abusive behavior. Any payment information collected will never be used to charge you for anything, unless you specifically authorize us to.

The email address I gave at registration is wrong or not available any more. How can I add a new one?

Please log in to your member account and go to the SETTINGS menu. You can add your new email address where we send a confirmation link.

Where can I add the model's name who invited me to

Models can send you their individual referral link to signup on SoulCams. Just use the link to sign up and our system will detect the referrer model (the referral links look like this: where XXXXX is the Model's username). You can also add manually the referrer model's performer username during the member account signup at the relevant field.


I forgot my username or password

Click on the Forgot Password link and we will send you a new password (you can change it later)

Where can I change my password?

Log into your member account and click on SETTINGS menu to change your password. We recommend that you choose a strong password with the combination of letters and numbers.

How can I check my account balance?

Once you are logged in, check your balance at the top of the page. This is where you can see your normal balance and promotional credits balance.

Here is a short summary of the balances you might have, what they mean and where you can find them:

  • Normal credit balance + Promotional credit balance: you can find it at the top-right part of the page, next to your member username. This shows your available balance after buying credits; getting extra credits from our usual member promotions (e.g. Buy 3, get 4) or receiving promotional credits from the site. Learn more about promotional credits here.
  • Gift credit balance: getting gift credits from performers is a special feature at SoulCams. We created a special menu for you in your member account where you can check out who gave you gift credits, indicating the amount and you also can see if the model is online or not. Log into your account and click on 'Gift credits' menu. To understand how the gift credit system works check out this page
  • Free minutes balance: performers can reward SoulCams members with extra private show minutes. This is completely free for you and you can enjoy extra time with your favorites. Log into your account and click on free minutes menu to see who you got free minutes from. Learn more about the 'free minutes' feature here

Am I allowed to give my member account password to any other person or to my favourite model?

We record each login attempts of member accounts for security reasons. If any unusual IP appears in your login history we may put your account on hold and ask you to contact our Support Team for verification. It is your responsibility to keep your passwords safe, if you give out your login information to anybody we cannot assure that your information will be protected. We also do not advise member to give out their password to models, if the model uses the member account for bad purposes (e.g bothering other models) then both the model and the member account will automatically be suspended (blocked). Models who log into a member's account are not allowed to spend any credits from the member account balance, it is also prohibited for a model to vote, write messages, wishes with the member account. If it happens then we block both the model and the member account (in such cases contact us at [email protected], we will reactivate your member account and you will be asked to change your password to a new one.) Even if you have a serious relationship with a model we still do not recommend giving your password to models.

How long can I use my account?

Once you create a Member account it will be available for life even if no purchase happens on it.

Can I create and use multiple member accounts?

Yes, you may create as many member accounts as you wish.

Can I change my member username?

Unfortunately no, if you wish to have another member username, you can create a new one any time.

I got some gift credits from a Performer. How can I use them?

Occasionally we reward our models with gift credits that they can distribute among active members who made at least one transaction in the last 30 days (active member = member who made at least one transaction on the site). If you get gift credits then you can use them exclusively on the model you received the gift credits from (you cannot spend the gift credits on other models). Once you get gift credits from a performer you will get a message about it to your inbuilt message system. A separate sub-menu will list the models who you got gift credits from ('My page' main menu / 'Gift credits' sub-menu) including the gift credit amount under their profile image. Once you access a model's room you got gift credits from, a green text will appear at the top-right corner of the page ('Gift credits from this performer: X'). If you have gift credits and you have positive credit balance also then your gift credit balance will be used first if you take the model to private. If that becomes zero then your credit balance will be used automatically and without any interruption for the rest of the private session. Please note that the gift credits can be used for taking the model you got the gift credits from to private session (both standards and 1on1 private), use the spy feature to peek in her room, or give her tips. Gift credits cannot be used for voting on models' images during special photo vote contests. Also note that you need to use the received gift credits in 30 days otherwise they will revert to the model.

I got some free private show minutes from a Performer. How can I use them?

Performers may give you free minutes that you can use exclusively in their room for private show. Once you get free minutes from a performer you will get a message both to your inbuilt message system and registered email address. You need to spend at least 8 uninterrupted minutes in private show in order to use the free minutes you got. You need to have at least one, successful transaction in the last 60 days in order to receive free minutes from models. Note: you have 16 days to use the received free minutes. If you miss it then it will revert to the model. A separate sub-menu will list the models who you got free minutes from under the 'My page' main menu / 'Free minutes' sub-menu. Once you access a model's room you got free minutes from, a green text will appear at the top-right corner of the page.

I would like to get some extra credits, how can I receive some?

Pay attention to our news as we usually provide opportunities for members to gain extra credits. Become a VIP member and get bonus credits for every package you buy above 26! Read more about it at the If I am a VIP member how many extra credits can I get for credit packages? section. On the top of that you can receive bonus credits my inviting models or your friends to us. Read more about it at the Referral systems page

I have several usernames (accounts), can models realize that these all belong to me?

No, models will not know about it, we never share any information (including your personal information) provided by you during the member account registration. The only way they can get more information about you if you share it with them. We recommend you never to share information like your real name, address, company you work with, e-mail address etc. with anyone on the internet.

I follow some models but I do not want to get notification emails if they come online, what can I do?

Log in to your member account and click on 'Following'. Uncheck the 'Notification' box under the model's profile picture to get rid of the notification emails.

How do I remove a Favorite Model?

Log into your member account, click on 'Following'. There are all the models you marked as favourite (follow). If you want to remove a performer then hit the Remove text under the performer's picture.

I'm banned from free chat. Why?

Please understand, that our models work hard to satisfy all customers, be kind with them and never ask for things they are not allowed to do and avoid being rude with them. It is the model's decision, they can ban guests from the free chat area if they feel like. If you think that a Model banned you without reason please contact us and we will investigate it.

What am I allowed to do and what not while I am online?

As a viewer you have to respect the online models so please be nice to them and do not make fun of them. Usage of dirty words, bothering them, begging for free show continuously will not lead to anything and the models will ignore you or ban you from their chat room. If you have a problem with a model (the model was rude to you without reason / the model’s behavior was unacceptable) or maybe with an other member or guest then contact us and we will investigate it and do the necessary steps. Bothering or annoying, trolling them make no sense, in such cases look for other models

While you are online you are NOT allowed to:

  • be rude with models / members (or guests) without any reason
  • offer them to send money outside
  • encourage them to give you a show outside
  • asking for personal details (name, address), telephone number, email address / instant messaging contact ways like Yahoo, Skype ...
  • record the model’s live camera feed / save pictures from their gallery and publish it anywhere
  • advertise any other webcam sites
  • flood the chat room or disrupt other users in any way

I see that some models have special badge. What do they mean exactly?

We have introduced a new listing-page, which should give a better overview of the online models and make your choice easier by displaying special tags and badges. We can now also highlight certain models or events and list them accordingly.

  • Model of the day: model(s) with the highest earning will get the badge and her profile picture will be listed on the first position.
  • Happy Birthday: models with birthdays will receive the badge, together with a prominent position on our listing page.
  • Recommended tag: this special tag is for the most talented and loyal models on SoulCams. Models with this tag will always appear on the top of the listing page.
  • New tag: all new models get this tag automatically. It stays on in the first 8 hours of their online presence. The might need some encouragement and help from you!
  • 0.99: models with a 0.99 tag are charging a lower rate per minute. In most cases it is a promotion from the model and a way to drive more viewers to their room.
  • follow: it means that you marked the model as favorite in the past (follow).
  • match: you follow the model and she follows you too (you both marked each other as favorite)

How do I cancel my membership at

Please send us an email from your registered e-mail address including your username. However, it is unnecessary to cancel your membership, since there are no recurring fees. Your credit card will not be charged unless you initiate a transaction.

I want to unsubscribe from SoulCams newsletter, what do I have to do?

The easiest way is to disable Newsletter function is to click on menu 'SETTINGS' and uncheck the newsletter option. Alternatively you can send us an email from your registered email address as well with 'unsubscribe from newsletter' request.


How can I send messages to the models?

If you are a paying member then models can send you messages and you can send them too at menu Messages. You can also enclose images, links and send them to models. Sending messages is totally free of charge on SoulCams!

Can I get a notification when a performer is online?

You can mark your favourite performers by clicking on the 'Add to favorites' button in the chat panel. You will find your favourite performers under menu 'Following' in your member account. Any time your favorite model is online you will get an e-mail message. You can set the frequency of these notifications, by default you'll get one message per model every 24 hours. There is also an MSN-style pop-up that appears on the top-right corner of your browser.


How much do I have to pay for a private show?

First of all you need to buy credits to be able to go to private session. The private show prices are not fix prices, models can set the price-per-minute for their shows. Any time you plan to take a girl to private session, a pop-up window will notify you about the model's per-minute prices (standard and 1on1 privates).
Let's say you bought 30 credits and you choose a model whose Standard Private per-minute price is: 1.99 credits / min. It means that if you go to private show with your 30 credits you will be able to stay in private session for more than 15 minutes with the model (30 / 1,99 = 15,07). If the model's per-minute price is 2,49 credits / min for example then a 30 credits member account balance would last for more than 12 minutes (30 / 2,49 = 12,04).
There are two ways you can take a model to private session: STANDARD and ONE-ON-ONE. Each option has different per minute prices, STANDARD mode can range from 0,99 to 9,49 credits per minute while ONE-ON-ONE private varies between 1,99 to 9,49 credits per minute depending on the performers' setting. You can always check the prices before entering a private show, click on Start show button and a pop up window will notify you about the models' prices and will also allow you to select between the two show types. Your credits are deducted on per-second basis. You can peek behind closed chatrooms using our Spy feature which has a fixed price of 0.99 credits per minute.

What is the difference between Standard and One-on-One private shows?

STANDARD private show has a lower price and 4 members can join in at the same time. Members can not see each others' chat or communicate with each other, so each member can only chat with the model.

ONE-ON-ONE private show has a higher price, but we guarantee that you can enjoy full intimacy with your favorite model. During a ONE-ON-ONE show no other members can join the show or peek in

What does SPY function mean?

While a model is hiding her cam (for example: she is having a private show with a member) you can peek in the show at a lower cost than the Standard and One-on-One private session. Spy mode has a fix price at all models: 0,99 credits / minute and available at those who enabled this function and are not in One-On-One private session. With spy feature you can watch and hear the live private show as if you were in a private session, the main difference is that you CANNOT have access to the private chat between the model and the member and you cannot type to the model. The button SPY is next to the Start private in the chatroom. The models can disable this function though.

Why can't I use Spy mode in some performers' room?

You can use the spy feature if the model is NOT in free chat so if she is either in standard private with someone else or in 'Hidden cam' mode. The spy feature also must be enabled by the model. They can decide to disable it.

I forgot to vote on the model after the private show, can I do it later?

To vote for a model you need to spend at least 5 minutes with them in private continuously (without interruption). Once you enter private, a VOTE button will appear on the top of the chat panel. A green bar will indicate if the 5 minutes have passed and the button will become active and you can vote for the model. You don't need to wait until the private show ends, however you can vote for the model after you quit the show in the Vote for a show menu in the menubar until midnight (Note: all times are GMT+2).

A model invited me to private conversation (PM), do I have to pay for that?

No, that is absolutely free, although the available time for standard members and guests is limited. Free private conversation means that the Model would like to separate you from the main free chat so others will not see your conversation. This is a great way for models to get customers know better. This feature is not the same as a private chat or private session! Tip: become a VIP member to enjoy the (free) private conversation feature with much more available time!

What happens if I get disconnected during private show?

You will only be charged for the time spent in private. If you experience disconnections frequently please read the I have problem viewing the live feeds section or contact us for help.

Can models in non-nude categories get naked?

According to our rules, models in the Flirt/Talk only category can get naked during a private show, however they are not obliged to do that. It is their choice but please always make sure you talk it over in the free chat area first to avoid conflicts.

The model won't do what I asked for in private

Our models are free to decide what they will and will not do in private. Performers are not obligated to do anything you ask, but most are willing and happy to put on a show for you. The free chat is the perfect place to find out from the performer what she will and won't do. These are real people broadcasting from their homes live, and they will have different likes and dislikes. Please mind always to check first what main category the Model is in. Models in GIRLS category has to perform a naked show in private session if you ask for it. Tell your detailed wishes to the models in free chat first and ask them if they are willing to do it or not in private show. If the model will not do in private session as promised, report it to us through an email and we will investigate it. Models in FRIENDSHIP main category are here for chatting, flirting, they do not have to perform a nude show, although if the model tends to do it for you in private session then we will not punish her for it, it just depends on the model's decision. Please check the model's bio page too you are interested in and read what they are willing to do in paid private chat. You can also use the 'WISHLIST' feature to find a model for your special request.


What do i get as a VIP member?

The biggest benefit you get being a VIP member is the opportunity to buy credits on our site without any daily limits and to get bonuses for every credit purchases. Consider that a VIP member is highlighted with yellow text in the chat rooms, therefore models will recognize you instantly.

How much does it cost to become a VIP member? How does the subscribing process work?

There are two VIP membership periods in a month, these are:

  • from 1th till 15th of each month
  • from 16th till the end of the month

The VIP status costs 14.95 credits for a period. You can subscribe to the VIP program any time you wish and the fee of the VIP membership will change based on the day you join it and will be deducted from your member account credit balance (if you have sufficient funds on your member account). It means that the fee is determined on a daily basis, it will not cost 14.95 credits for you to become a VIP member if you join on the 3rd of a month for example (the fee will be calculated from the subscribing day till the end of the VIP membership period, check the length of the periods above).

  • When you subscribe to our VIP program then system will automatically renew your VIP membership at the beginning of the next VIP period (if you will not have enough credits on your member account balance then of course your VIP status will not be renewed). If for example you subscribed to VIP on the 6th of October then you are a VIP member till the 15th of October. On the 16th the system will renew your VIP membership (till the last day of the month) and deduct the fee of the new VIP period as well. If you do not want the system to automatically renew your VIP membership then you can easily disable his function by clicking on the *Disable automatic subscription renew text on the 'MY VIP MEMBERSHIP' page.
  • You can extend your VIP membership with one more period any time by clicking on the Extend membership text on 'MY VIP MEMBERSHIP' page.

If I am a VIP member how many extra credits can I get for credit packages?

The following chart shows the extra credits you can get as a standard and a VIP member.

29.99 USD/EUR 24 SoulCams credits + 2 extra credits (=26 credits) + 2 extra credits (=26 credits)
59.99 USD/EUR 48 SoulCams credits + 6 extra credits (=54 credits) + 7 extra credits (=55 credits)
79.99 USD/EUR 64 SoulCams credits + 8 extra credits (=72 credits) + 10 extra credits (=74 credits)
99.99 USD/EUR 80 SoulCams credits + 12 extra credits (=92 credits) + 15 extra credits (= 95 credits)
159.99 USD/EUR 128 SoulCams credits + 20 extra credits (=148 credits) + 24 extra credits (= 152 credits)
299.99 USD/EUR 240 SoulCams credits + 45 extra credits (=285 credits) + 52 extra credits (= 292 credits)

If I have more member accounts do I have to become a a VIP member on each of them to get the credit packages with extra credits?

Yes, this offer is valid for a certain member account.


I heard that I can receive bonus credits for inviting models to the site. How does it work exactly?

We will reward you with 50 bonus credits and 600 seconds free spy after each referred model and on the top of that the models you refer will get 10% more share lifetime from the credits you spend in their room.

How to invite models?

  • First of all make sure that you are active member at us (active members = those who bought credits at least once)
  • You need to send your own referral link to the models/chat hosts you would like to invite. Your individual referral link and the list of the models you invited can be found in your member account at 'My page' main menu and ’Referred models’ tab.

When do I get my 50 bonus credits and 600 seconds free spy?

  • To avoid abusing the system we will credit the 50 credit bonus and the 600 seconds free spy to your account once the model reaches the first payout (they need to earn over $100 to get paid)

What benefits to mention for the models I want to invite?

  • Mention that SoulCams gives one of the best percentages for their models on the market
  • They will get +10% share lifetime from the credits you spend in their room
  • Unique atmosphere, model-friendly support
  • Easy site rules, no penalties or deductions
  • Model awards and exciting performer contests with serious money prizes
  • Performer Loyalty Program
  • Fast payouts: we send payments to models in 8 days after the period end

I read that I can receive bonus credits for inviting my friends to the site. How does it work?

Refer new members to us and get 50 bonus credits and 10% of the referred members’ purchases lifetime! Yes, you read it right, as long as the members you refer buy credits on the site you will get 10% portion of their purchases! It is a great way to get extra credits from us lifetime only by inviting your friends to us!

How should I invite members?

  • You can send invitation to your friends who you think might be interested
  • You may post your individual referral link on your personal blog/site, social media (Twitter, Facebook, …)


  • You need to use your own referral link to invite members. Find the link in your member account at My page menu and Referred members sub-menu.
  • The members you refer have to be new on SoulCams meaning that they did not make any transactions before on any accounts

If I refer a member when will I get my one-time special bonus of 50 credits?

  • In order to avoid abusing the system, we will check the members you referred at the end of each period (16th and last day of each month) and credit the referral bonus of 50 credits to your member account in case the member purchases over 200 credits altogether.

When and how do I get my 10% portion from the invited members’ purchases?

  • We will check your referred members on the 16th and the last day of each month. The first time you will get the 10% commission is when the referred member purchases over 200 credits altogether. After that you will get your 10% share at the end of each period (1st of each month and the last day of each month)


How does the Member Awards work? How can I participate?

  • You participate in the awards automatically as soon as you purchase at least 2 credit packages (regardless of the credit package bought) during the awards period.
  • The game runs weekly. Each awards starts at Saturday midnight and finishes at Saturday midnight next week. (Central European time).
  • We distribute 300 promotional credits among 5 members every week Read more about the promotion credits here
  • Note: in order to make the awards game fair, the 5 winners will be excluded from the following Award, but of course they will be participating again in the next one.

See the ranks and prizes here:

Rank Prize
1. 100 promo credits
2. 70 promo credits
3. 60 promo credits
4. 40 promo credits
5. 30 promo credits

In the member awards the followings will make your rank:

  • the time spent online on the site (time spent in chat rooms)
  • the number of models marking you as favorite (during the current awards period)
  • the sum of votes you cast after private sessions (in order to vote on models you need to spend at least 5 minutes in private uninterrupted)
  • the sum of points got after the purchased credit packages (see the points below)

The exact multipliers of the above-mentioned factors are kept confidential in order to make the awards game exciting.

Either you are a standard member or a VIP member, you will get awards points for each credit package you buy. Note that you get your awards points after the bought credit packages only in case you bought at least 2 packages as it is a condition of getting into the Member awards.

credit package (standard member/VIP member) awards points for normal members awards points for VIP members
26 / 26 2,6 3,9
54 / 55 5,4 8,25
72 / 74 7,2 11,1
92 / 95 9,2 14,25
148 / 152 14,8 22,8
285 / 292 28,5 43,8


This type of credit will be distributed among active members from time to time and will allow you to start a private or spy session with any models of your choice, give them virtual gifts or tips (both online and offline) and cast your votes on models' photos during special photo vote contests Note that these credits have an 'expiry date of 1 month.


Try your luck with SoulCams Credit Lottery and win bonus credits!
One lottery ticket has a fix price of 2 credits.
When you buy a ticket, its price will be deducted from your member account balance.
The credit amounts you can win are the followings: 0; 2; 3; 6; 10; 20; 35 credits. As soon as you win, it will be added to your member balance right away.


Do cam2cam and voice2voice features have fee?

No, they are totally free of charge on!

Is it possible to open SoulCams from my mobile phone/tablet?

Yes! You can chat, go private, peek behind closed chatrooms with the spy feature and give tip to models using the mobile version of the site. Credit purchase is also possible using the mobile version. Unfortunately you cannot use the cam2cam and voice2voice features yet in privates however you can hear the performers' audio (sound).


What cards do you accept for buying credits?

We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard; Visa; Discover, Diners and JCB logos.

Can I buy credits if I do not have a credit card?

Yes, you can. We have expanded our processors further giving even more and comfortable options to our members to top up their balance.

  • Sofort Banking: you can pay smoothly and securely. All you need to have are the details (PIN/TAN) of your online bank account at hand. Available for users from: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland
  • PaySafeCard: Buy paysafecard at over 450.000 sales outlets around the world and pay with it at thousands of online shops. You do not have to enter any personal information or bank account or credit card details. Your privacy remains completely protected at all times.

You can buy PaySafeCard in the following countries:

    • USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK
  • PayPal: you can use your PayPal balance to buy credits on SoulCams.
  • Cryptocurrencies: we accept all major crypto currencies. The transactions are in real-time and will be added to your account instantly.
  • Wire transfer: you can purchase SoulCams credits by sending a Bank Wire Transfer directly to our company account. You can send any desired amount and we will convert it to SoulCams credits accordingly. Please note that wire transfers might take 1-4 business days, depending on your location. Transfers within EU countries are the quickest. We can issue the credits to your account only after receiving the funds. Wire transfer costs may apply.

How can I contact you if I have a billing-related question?

With billing questions and concerns, please contact our customer support at [email protected] If you have question about an existing transaction, please provide the transaction ID in your email.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

The following text will appear on your credit card statement: FS Media EU Germany

Does your site save any of my credit card information?

Your transactions will be handled and processed by the industry leading billing company: SecurionPay. will never store any of your credit card information.


What is the best browser to use with

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox download link
Google Chrome download link

Do I need to install any plugins to view the live performances?

No, the only plugin you need is Flash Player. Click on this link to check if you have the latest Flash Player installed

I have problem viewing the live feeds

If you experience any technical problem (you cannot access the models' camera feed, slow internet connection, etc) please do the followings:

  • close all browser windows and restart your PC
  • make sure to have the latest version of the browser you use. If you have an older version, please update it.
  • open the site from a different web browser (Please use either Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • make sure your PC is not overloaded and there are no programs running, no other sites are opened in the background (downloader programs, other video streaming sites (e.g. YouTube)).
  • plug out your internet modem / router / internet USB stick, wait a minute, plug it in again then restart your PC
  • delete Cookies and Caches from your browser.
  • use cable-type internet connection if possible. Wireless internet connections or mobile internet USB sticks will cause you so much trouble and cannot provide sufficient bandwidth.
  • scan your computer for viruses with an anti-virus software

How can I delete the cookies and caches from my browser?

  • Cookie = web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...) use small text files called cookies to keep track of information (e.g login name) you provide on a site. If you open again the site then your browser will remember your information (e.g login name). Click here to read more about cookies.
  • Cache = temporary files that are stored on your computer while you browse web pages so that the next time you visit the same page it loads faster. Click here to read more about caches.

In some cases cookies and caches can cause browsing troubles or disorders during browsing, therefore they should be cleared occasionally. The following description shows how you can clear (delete) caches and cookies from each browser (the description is valid for the latest version of the browsers, if you have an earlier version then we advise you to update it)
You can also check the following useful page that describes in great details on how to clear the caches in the different browsers: How to Clear Your Browser's Cache

How can I turn on my camera and/or microphone in private show?

Please check out our detailed guide on how to turn on your camera / microphone in private session. If you do not want to read, you can watch a short video demonstration about it also.


In case of any questions contact us via email and we will get back to your shortly. Please make sure to contact us from your registered email address any time you send us an email.

Our email address is: [email protected]