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Gift credits

Occasionally we give our Performers Gift credits. The Gift credits are given as our appreciation for your work.

  • Performers can give Gift credits only to active Members (active Members = those who made at least one transaction before) and to those who had at least 1 approved transaction in the last 30 days. Note: models who have member account(s) also cannot give gift credits to member accounts made by performers/studios (even not if a credit purchase happened on it in the last 30 days).
  • Members who get Gift credits from you can spend these Gift credits exclusively on you in Private (so it cannot happen that you give Gift credits to a Member and he spends it on an other Model)
  • How to check if you have Gift credit balance? Log into your Performer account and at the top-right corner check out your Gift credit balance. Click on the text: Your Gift credits: X and you will be redirected to the 'Members' menu where you can look for the Member(s) you would like to give the Gift credits to (you can read more about the 'Members' menu under this section this section)
  • If you know the Member's username then type it to the search field, if you are not sure about the exact Member username then add some details of it and the system will list you all the Member accounts containing that word and you can find the Member you are looking for more easily.Once you found the Member username click on it and look for the green tab: 'Give gift credits'
  • You can give the following Gift credit amounts to the Members: 5, 10, 20, 30
  • Earnings generated by gift credits are calculated with a fixed rate of 50%, regardless if the member was referred or not.
  • Gift credit spendings are calculated with a fixed rate of 50%, regardless if the member was referred or not.
  • Members can use the gift credits for private shows (both standard and 1on1 privates) and spy and sending tips/virtual gifts. Gift credits cannot be used for voting on photo vote events.
  • Please note that you can give Gift credits for the same Member once per 24 hours and maximum 150 Gift credits per period
  • Members have 30 days to use the received gift credits. Unused gift credits will revert to the model and can be given to other members.

Free minutes

Occasionally we give you extra private show minutes that you can give to members. The members will be able to use the extra time exclusively in private with you. It is a perfect way to attract members’ attention better or invite new members to us and can be useful for building up a stable and returning member base by surprising them with extra time.


  • You can give a fix time package of 2 minutes to members
  • The member you give it to will be able to use the free minutes in private show with you exclusively
  • The member can use the extra time received from you only after at least a 8-minute long, uninterrupted private show (standard or 1on1)
  • You can give free minutes to the same member as many times as you wish, however you can give the following free 2-minute package to the same user in case he used the one received from you previously.
  • The member needs to have at least one, successful transaction in the last 60 days in order to receive free minutes.
  • Members have 16 days to use the free minutes received from you. In case they miss it, the free minutes will revert to you and you can redistribute them
  • Models get no share from the extra 2 minutes

Why is it a good promotional tool for you even if you do not get portion from the extra minutes? First of all, note that members can use the free minutes only in case they spend at least 8 minutes in either private show. Members like to be rewarded so they will appreciate your gift and they will return to you.

How to give free minutes to members?

  • First of all decide which member(s) you would like to give free minutes to
  • Go to menu: 'Members' in your performer account (or if you are online with cam you can also click on the member and choose 'Profile') and type the member username to the search field.
  • Once you found the member click on the tab 'Give free minutes'. In case you could give a member free minutes, he will be notified via the messaging system about that
  • Encourage the member to have at least a 10-minute long, uninterrupted private show in order to use the 2 free minutes in your room.

Promotional credits

This type of credit will be distributed among active members from time to time and will allow members to start a Private or Spy mode, give you virtual gifts or tips (both online and offline) and cast their votes on your photos during special photo contests. It is a courtesy to members and a proven way to motivate members to engage with the website.

These special credits will be calculated with a fixed rate of 35%, regardless if a referred members spend such credits in your room or not. Note: photo votes issued from members' promotional credit balance still will be calculated with a fix share of 50%.

If a member has multiple type of credit balance on the account (standard, gift credit and promotional credits), the system will always use the Promotional Credits first. During a private session, if one of the balances run low, the system will automatically switch to the other remaining type of credits, without interruption. This might mean, that a longer private will be displayed in your statistics as two or more separate records. Example: Let's say, you have a 30 minutes private session. The first 10 minutes are calculated with 35%, as the member had promotional credits. The other 20 minutes are calculated with the standard share of 50% or 70%.

When a members enters a chat room of a model, the status will be displayed, together with the promotional credits balance.

To see which members have promo credits, just go to the member’s profile page. You can do this directly from the sender application, by right-clicking on the username and choosing the Profile page option. You may also search by username in the Performers Area, going to the My Network / Members menu option. A scale from 1 to 5 will show, how much of these credits the member has.