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Rules and regulations offers high degree of freedom to our models. However, the few rules we have must be respected and followed.

Please revise these rules below and make sure that you follow them.

Also, please keep in mind that activities that violate any card association standards are strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate and permanent suspension of the concerned account.

Models not following the rules

For violations that is not on the list of Forbidden Things the following sanction takes affect:

  • 1st occasion: warning
  • 2nd occasion: 1 h suspend
  • 3rd occasion: 2 h suspend
  • 4th occasion: 5 h suspend
  • 5th occasion: 10 h suspend
  • 6th occasion: 1 day suspend
  • 7th occasion: 2 day suspend
  • 8th occasion: 5 day suspend
  • 9th occasion: 10 day suspend
  • 10th occasion: suspend for indefinite time / account closure

Every time a model violates the rules, our moderator colleagues will contact the model, online if the model is reachable and/or in written form (email). If you get a suspend, we also need to remove you from any ongoing contests.

What you can / cannot do on camera

These rules are important and you must follow them. If anyone encourages you to break the rules, please contact our support and report it.

In Free Chat...

  • You can chat, talk, dance, have fun, etc.
  • Nudity is accepted in free chat if you do it in exchange for tips from users.
  • Eating, drinking, telephoning, sleeping, passing out should be avoided in free chat

In Private Chat...

You can do anything as long as it is not on the forbidden list below.

Forbidden Things

The following things, actual or implied, are absolutely forbidden on this website at any time and for any reason, in both private and free chat as well as in offline content (e.g. inner-messaging system, comments, model profile text, tags, etc) and content sale (prerecorded videos and premium image albums).

Most of them constitute zero-tolerance violations which means you will be banned the first time it happens.

  • Minors, children, babies; may not be on camera or in the same room. They may not appear on any offline content either (e.g. messages, images, photo albums, videos).
  • Unauthorized persons (persons for whom we do not have proper name and ID on file.) in front of the camera or on any contents (images, videos)
  • Uploading content without (1) consent of the other person(s) to be depicted in the content and (2) allowing for the public distribution and downloading of the content
  • Uploading content where you are unable to verify the identity and age of all persons depicted in content
  • Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera or in offline content in a sexual or provocative context.
  • Models shall not depict or describe any act of a sexual nature involving necrophilia, coprophilia, feces, vomit, blood, or others.
  • Breastfeeding or lactation.
  • Menstrual bleeding.
  • Illegal drugs, or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations (e.g. Medicinal marijuana) or any imitation of drug usage.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or other legal or prescribed medicines or narcotics.
  • Incest (sexual relations involving family members). Even role-playing of such activities is strictly forbidden.
  • Penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation (e.g. baseball bats, sharp items).
  • Illegal or unsafe activity of any kind.
  • Violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any actions associated with bringing harm to yourself or others in any way.
  • Discussing or arranging prostitution or escort services.
  • Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.
  • Asking for payment outside
  • Use disparaging, libelous, slanderous, defamatory, false, or otherwise inflammatory and/or negative statements concerning fellow Chathosts, Chathost Representatives, users, services or other websites.

Forbidden words and phrases

The following words and phrases are strictly forbidden to use on the site either in offline context (introduction text on your profile, tags, Fan club questions, image album names, video/ photo album titles, descriptions, etc) or online in chat. Any version of these words are prohibited as well as writing them with typo:

  • abuse
  • adolescence
  • adult baby minding
  • age play
  • ageplay
  • asphyxia
  • beast
  • bestiality
  • breastfeed
  • cannibal
  • child
  • defecation
  • diaper
  • dismember
  • family sex
  • familysex
  • force
  • hypnosis
  • illegal
  • incest
  • infantilism
  • kid
  • lolita
  • lollita
  • lollitta
  • murder
  • mutilate
  • mutilation
  • necrophilia
  • needle
  • non-consensual
  • pedo
  • period play
  • peta
  • peto
  • pre-teen
  • preteen
  • rape
  • scat
  • slaying
  • suffocation
  • under age
  • underage
  • violence
  • violent
  • zoofilia

Kick and ban rules

You may kick a user from your chatroom if the person behaves in an unacceptable way. As a permanent solution, you may also ban the user from the chatroom, but please think twice before you do so.

You can kick (or ban) a user from your chatroom in the following cases:

  • Chat flood (when a user repeats the same message over and over within a short period of time)
  • User uses inflammatory,negative statements, hate speech, encourages violence, acts rude, threatens the chathost

When you should NOT kick or ban a user:

  • Using dirty words
  • Asking to show things in free (show boobs/tits/ass/pussy/etc.) - just tell them that you are doing it for tokens. It is recommended to have your own Tip menu so users could know what you show for how much token.
  • User chats too much. After all this is why most of the users are here for, they want attention, they need to talk to someone. This is not bad at all, try to be as responsive as you can. You will make them more desperate if you ignore them, besides that chances are low the same user would go to private if he is being ignored.

Do NOT kick or ban users from a private session! If the user tells you things that makes you feel uncomfortable or asks you things you would never do, just tell him you will not do it or ask him to leave. If the user broadcasts a cam2cam feed that is disturbing to you, close the cam2cam feed first. If the feed contains images that are violent,illegal, etc. report it immediately to our online support. In some case users get stuck in the chatroom accidentally and may become unresponsive for a longer time, then you can use the 'kick' button to remove the user from the private session.

Profile page text policy

When you fill out your profile page please be aware of the followings:
Performers are NOT ALLOWED to use any words/expressions neither in chat area nor on their bio page that relates to:

  • underage sexual activity
  • pedophilia (read more about it here)
  • rape (read more about it here)
  • offensive
  • bestiality (read more about it here
  • zoophilia (read more about it here)
  • incest (read more about it here)
  • demonstration of blood or animals
  • a celebrity name (e.g Jeniffer Lopez)
  • elimination or consumption of any bodily waste or implies words that are unacceptable by the standards of good taste
  • any activities that violate any card association standards

Working on more than one site (Split-camming)

It is allowed for models to work on multiple sites at the same time. There is no penalty for it. However, it is strongly discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Models working on multiple sites have to split their time and attention.
  • Models working on multiple sites have to split their bandwidth (connection speed) and therefore the video quality on both sites suffers.

Models that work only on routinely make much more money than models that are active on multiple websites.

Private shows

There are no set rules for what a model must do in a private show. This is entirely up to the model and the member. During private session with a member models must not ignore the member or type on other sites. If you work on more sites in the same time we advice you to go offline on all the other sites and concentrate only on SoulCams!

Models in GIRLS main category have to perform a nude show in private session if the member ask for it. If the member asks for a nude show and the models refuses to do it then we will need to refund the show and the model might be suspended as well.

In Non-nude categories the model does not have to get naked if the member asks for it, the member has to be informed that it is a non-nude category. Models in non-nude categories are allowed to get naked as well if the model wish to do so or tend to do for a member. It is up to the model and the member but it has to be cleared first in free chat to avoid conflicts. To read more about the categories and requirements read the Category requirements section.

Models should keep in mind that private shows are expensive so delaying (stalling) the show or asking for additional tips may be considered rude.

Talking to other models

Models are allowed to interact with other models on the site using their member account, provided they do so in a respectful way toward the model, guests and her customers. If a model disrespectful toward a model her member and performer account will be suspended immediately.

Logging into members' account

Models are allowed to log into members' account IF THE MEMBER LET THE MODEL DO IT (the member gave his member account password to the model). We usually keep an eye on the activity of those models who log into a member account.


  • disturb other models
  • write messages, wish, vote on behalf of the member
  • spend credits from the member's account balance. It means that models are not allowed to go to private show with any other performers (or with themselves), using spy function, sending tips.

Talking to guests and members

Models may therefore talk to, or not talk to, anyone they want. Models may ban or ignore anyone they want, for any reason.

It is suggested that models are nice to guests and members as that will certainly increase their popularity, earnings, and enjoyment of their work. But ultimately this is entirely up to the model as long as it happens in free chat.

Exchanging contact information strongly discourages the exchange of any kind of personal information between models and members, including e-mails, online messenger screen names; this information may not be used to provide webcam shows or receive payment outside of the website.

There are a lot of ways to contact members: Members tab, Inbuilt-messgaing system

Receiving payment outside

Models are not allowed to ask for, or receive, payment from members outside of the website. If there is a payment related problem on the site models can report to our support.


It is strongly suggested for models to transmit audible sound at all times while they are online, including both in free and private chat. (Speaking is not required.)

Upon going online, models could ask the members in the chat room if they can hear the model at an appropriate volume.

Chat rooms with sound are always more enjoyable and have more members. Even background noise or the sound of keystrokes provides for a more real-life experience for the members watching.


Any attempt at fraud will result in a permanent ban, without payment. (e.g. Working together with a customer or "hacker" to accept private shows paid for with stolen credit cards.)

Models are required to report all such suspicious activity, or the model may be considered complicit.

Advertising and spam

Models are not allowed to advertise commercial websites that offer live webcam streams, under any circumstances.

Models are allowed to mention their own personal profiles, homepages, wishlists, as long as it is done in an unobtrusive manner.

Leaving the scene

Models cannot leave their room empty while they are broadcasting, no matter whether it is free, hidden cam mode or private video stream. The only exception is when a member asks a model to do so or to pick up a toy, accessory or piece of cloth.

If a model has to leave the room the broadcasting should be stopped and can be started again when the model is in front of the camera.

Face on camera

Models are required to keep their face on camera, at least part of the time. Permanently hiding one's face off camera, wearing a mask or showing just a part of the models body in free chat is allowed but not recommended.

Playing recorded video

Models trying to deceive members by playing recorded video instead of actually being live on webcam will be immediately banned and no payout will be sent.

Administrators, support

Only support personal has any sort of special privileges on the site. They are always identified by Supportxx nickname, where the XX is an non-zero number. We protect our administrators' identity so please do not ask for their name or any personal information.

If a member is claiming to be an administrator or moderator or officially connected to this website in any way, this member is lying, and please report them to our support. Read more about SoulCams Support here

Additional Advice

Connection Speed

It is very important that models have the fastest possible Internet connection. Models with a fast Internet connection will...

  • Have higher video and audio quality.
  • Experience fewer disconnections and other problems.
  • Make much more money and have a much better experience on the website.

It is strongly recommended that models buy the best Internet connection that is available. Any difference in cost will be earned back in a few hours. It will be worth it!

Here are some additional things models can do to improve their connection speed:

  • Do not work on other sites at the same time (split-cam), as this divides the connection speed!
  • Do not download or upload data while you are online. (e.g. playing Youtube videos.)


The most important part of looking good on camera is having proper lighting.

Room Decoration

Models should decorate their room in light, bright colors. Good ligthing will make any space look better.

Recommended Webcams

Models should buy the best possible webcam or video camera they can afford.

HD and HQ video stream settings

Do not use any kind of splitter while you have set HQ or HD quality stream as it will degrade the video quality. Use HD setting only if your camera can capture at least 640 * 480 pixels in any video format.

What to do on camera

We will never tell a model what to do or how to act. But here is some advice from our most successful models on how you can have fun and make lots of money:

  • Talk. Speak with your voice, not just with your keyboard. Even if your English is not perfect, try it anyway!
  • Be Creative. Do something unique and original.
  • Be Interactive. Try to actively interact with the members in your room. Maybe play a game with them.
  • Be Patient. Take your time and explore the site and its features. Keep an open mind and make some new friends.
  • Learn from others. Watch the top models at and see what makes them successful.

Remember that this site is not just about sex or nudity. You can be very sexy and never even remove your clothes. Have fun!

Read the HOW TO BE MORE SUCCESSFUL section for further tips.