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Here are the main performer categories on Main category cannot be selected manually during the performer account making procedure, system will automatically assign the performer 's main category based on the gender(s) of the registered model(s) you make the performer account for.

  • GIRL: a single girl between the age of 18-30 years
  • MATURE: single female model at least 30 years old
  • COUPLE: one female and one male model
  • LESBIAN: 2-4 female performers
  • BOY: 1-4 male performers
  • TRANSGENDER: a single transgendered performer or maximum 4 performers in the same time where at least one participant is a transgendered performer
  • THREESOME: a group consisting of Female / Female / Male or Female / Male / Male (a threesome cannot consist of three male models as males are only allowed to be in categories where they perform with at least one female person)
  • FOURSOME: a group of 4 performers on cam at the same time (performer's gender compound can be various, but there has to be at least one female from the four models)



The Performer's gender will be automatically selected based on the gender given through the model registration. The gender setting cannot be changed through the performer account registration.

  • Girl
  • Guy
  • Transgender


The age of the performer will be automatically selected based on the registered model's valid birth date. This setting can be changed through the performer account making procedure but it is not acceptable to select 18-21 if the model's real age is more than 40 for example. In such cases the performer account will be blocked. In case the performer account consists of more than one model then the age cannot be changed.

  • 18-21: between the age of 18-21
  • 21-36: between the age of 21-36
  • 36-40: between the age of 36-40
  • 40+ : over 40


Here you can select your hair colour. In case your hair colour changes then please update it under your performer account settings! If you register more models for a performer account then you can select the hair colour for all of them (In cause of a single performer you can select only one hair colour, two hair colours for a couple, etc)

  • Blonde
  • Brunette = brown hair
  • Redhead = red hair
  • Black


Race = classification of humans. To understand what race means exactly read this wikipedia link If you register more models for a performer account then you can select the race for all of them (In cause of a single performer you can select only one race, two races for a couple, etc)

  • White
  • Latina
  • Asian
  • Indian
  • Ebony
  • Interracial: performer of mixed ethnic origin.


Here you can choose if you wish to perform in a nude or non-nude category (Flirt / Talk only). Mind to select the right show type as members will know from this setting if you perform a nude show in private show or not. If you choose Nude show type for example then you have to show sexually explicit performance if a member asks for it in private session.

  • Nude: models have to perform sexually explicit content based on their willingness settings (category setting, performer bio page) if the members ask for it.
  • Non-Nude: models who are not willing to provide nude performances in private
  • Funny: if you have a funny talent, hobby, you are a real entertainer and you usually make people smile and laugh then choose this show type
  • Art: if you are talented at something, you have a good dexterity for example and you can perform it live also
  • Music: if you can play any music instruments and you can perform it live also, or you enjoy talking about music choose this show type.
  • Flirt: who feel a bit more naughty and into sleazy, dirty talk, share sexual fantasies.
  • Talk only: general chit-chat, no sexual scenes or acts should be performed. Performer must have a fairly good knowledge of English.
  • Soul Mate: if you attract the visitors' attention with your personality and your talkative, nice attitude. Performer must have a fairly good knowledge of English.
  • Exhibitionist: if you enjoy attracting others' attention with your behaviour, attitude or actions then choose this show type


This section reflects to your physical appearance. Be sure to add your valid characteristics as members usually look for certain type of girls. So for example if you are a skinny person in real then do not select BBW (= big beautiful woman), choosing a bad appearance characteristic will lead to the blocking of your performer account.

  • Skinny
  • BBW: = Big Beautiful Woman. Read more about it under this link
  • Big tits
  • Small tits
  • Big ass
  • Hairy
  • Shaved


Here you can select miscellaneous other characteristics. See our descriptions below and mind to choose a characteristic only if it is valid for you!

  • Kinky: performers who like unusual sexual behavior, positions, places, ...
  • Smoking: For smoking fetish enthusiasts, performer must have access to tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillo, pipe, shisha, etc. WARNING: Smoking seriously damages your health.
  • Toys/machine: Performer must possess and use a wide range of various sexual toys. Performer must have at least 5 sex toys (dildo,beads,butt plug, stimulators, etc.) or 1 special machine (sybian, fuck-machine,etc.)) For more information about sexy toys have a look at this link
  • Fetish: Read more about fetishes on this link
  • Tattoo/piercing: Model must have several tattoos and/or piercings. Do not use this category if you only have one small tattoo or piercing
  • Squirting: Model must have the ability to perform female ejaculation (squirting).
  • Uniform: Must have a collection of various uniforms available (secretary, schoolgirl, maiden, police woman, soldier, mistress, nurse, etc.) For some ideas visit this website
  • Spanking: Performer must have spanking toys (paddles, straps, hairbrushes, belts, whips, ruler, riding crop, etc.) and must know how to use them properly. Remember, no violent acts are allowed. For more information please read here
  • BDSM: Bondage, domination, SM, role play, spanking, fetishes, etc. anything that is not considered as general sexual behaviour. Read more about BDSM on this link
  • Bondage: Performer must have knowledge about bondage (how to tie appropriate knots and what positions the body might be tied) and have the appropriate tools (ropes, hooks, etc.) For more information please read here
  • Latex/leather: Performer must possess and use/wear clothes made of latex,leather or rubber.
  • Foot fetish: Read more about Foot Fetishism here
  • Pregnant: (example image)
  • MILF/housewife: a sexually attractive older female, generally between 25 and 50 years of age. Read more about this category on this link