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Here is a short guide for newbie models, we collected the most frequently asked questions and we do our best to help you understand how SoulCams works.


Guide for new models
Performer share and referral systems
Show types, prices, Online Modes, Performer area
Payout information
Rules, Categories
Performer Streaming Application
Model Privacy
Awards, Contests, Loyalty Program
SoulCams Extras


First of all you need to register an account with us, if you have not done it yet then click here to register one. If you registered it and our admin team approved it, you can log into it and manage your account and go online.

  • Make sure to log into your account at the bottom of the page: 'Log in as a performer'. Click here to go to log into your performer account
  • If you would like to access your account from a mobile device you will find 'Model login' in the menu, or switch to desktop version and click on 'Log in as a performer' at the bottom of the page.


After your successful registration, devote some time to complete your profile. If your bio page is empty and you have no images and you do not have a profile picture then you will not make users interested. Remember that your profile can be seen even when you are offline and you can catch visitors' attention still. Before you go online make sure to do the followings:

  • Please read the rules to understand what is allowed and what is not while you are online: Rules and regulations
  • Check out ideas, suggestions on how to be successful model on SoulCams: How to be more successful on SoulCams
  • Set the per-minute prices for your webcam shows, spy in your account at 'Settings/My profile' menu.
  • Fill out the 'About me' section in the 'Settings/My profile' menu. Let the visitors know more about you, do not be lazy. You can insert images, gifs also to make your profile page more colourful and eye-catching.
  • Upload at least 5 images to your free gallery. Note that you need to have minimum 5 images in the free gallery in order to participate in the Model Awards. You can upload images in your account at 'Settings/My images' menu.


Broadcasting with your cam

  • You can earn money by having private shows (paid chats), getting tips/virtual gifts, spy.
  • Note: only 'texting' is not possible. To chat with users you need to be online with your cam.

Winning extra cash on Model awards and special contests

  • Model awards: collect points and be the Top Model of by participating in the SoulCams Model Awards and win extra cash. Read more about it here: Model Awards
  • Special contests: we usually have special performer contests where models can win amazing cash prizes. One of our most popular contests is photo contest when models upload photos of themselves in the given theme and members vote on them. Members can vote with credits from which you get a share plus the ones collecting the most votes win extra cash also. Check out some of our previous photo contests on this page. You can check out our currently running and previous contests on this page


When you broadcast with your cam

  • SoulCams does not pay for online time, if you are online with your cam you earn money if members give you a tip, take you to private show or use the spy feature to peek in your room.
  • To learn about the way you can go online with your cam, read the How to broadcast with your cam page.

Private shows (Standard and 1on1)

  • You will know immediately if you are taken to private session. It has a special notification sound, check it out here: Loudspeaker icon.png Furthermore a 'You are in private session' text will appear at the top-left part of the SoulCams model application.
  • You can set the per-minute prices of the different show types in the Performer area at Settings / My profile / Performer charge options menu.
  • There are two types of private sessions: Standard and 1on1, to understand the difference between them check out the Private show types page

Tips / gifts

  • Members can send you tips both when you are online with cam and you are offline.
  • You can either receive normal tips or virtual gifts. We have a lot of virtual gifts that members can give to you. More categories: constant categories, seasonal categories. Check out our gift collection here: Virtual gifts on SoulCams
  • You get a % from the tips which is 50% basically or 70% in case you received it from a referred member (read more about the performer share system here).
  • When you broadcast with your cam and you receive virtual gifts you will hear this notification sound: Loudspeaker icon.png. The gifts also have an animation, they will appear in your model application (check it out here how it will look like) and your portion from the gifts appears in your stats also immediately. So if you broadcast with your cam and a member says that he gave you a gift but it did not have an animation, nor you heard a notification sound and it does not appear in your stats then he tries to deceive you and you got a fake tip.
  • Note: you can receive tips when you are in Free chat, Hidden cam mode and during private sessions also and even when you are not online (members have the option to send you offline tip from your profile)


  • When you are in Hidden cam mode or Private session members can peek in your room with Spy function for a fix price: 0,99 credits / min. * They cannot type, only watch your live stream. Spy will have this special notification sound: Loudspeaker icon.png. If you are having a ONE-ON-ONE show, other members will not be able to peek in your room with Spy feature.
  • Spy feature can be set to: ENABLE (0.99 credits / min --> fix price, not optional), or 15 SEC LIMITED or DISABLED.

Earn extra cash by referring members and webcam models to us

You can refer members and models for extra cash. Both our member referral and model/chat hosts referral programs are for lifetime and also note that by the performer referral system you also can earn money while you are not online.

  • Member referral program: +20% share from referred members’ spending lifetime. More info here
  • Performer referral program: get a one time referral bonus of $50 and +10% share from the invited models' earnings lifetime.

Find your individual member and performer referral links at the top of the very first page in your performer account. We also created two separated menus for you where you will see the details of referred members/models ('Referrals' /'Referred members' and 'Referred performers' menus).


Visitors types and how they appear and write in the SoulCams Model application

There are four levels of user statuses on SoulCams, these are: Guests, Basic members, Active members and VIP members. To understand the difference among them and to see the way they appear in the model application please check out the this page: Visitor types and how they appear and write in the SoulCams Model application

How do I know if a member has credits or not?

In your performer area there is a menu: My network/Members where you can check out the members' profile. Search for the desired member and on the first page, next to the 'Last login date' you will see if he has a positive credit and promotional credit balance. Read more about the Members menu here. More information about the promotion credits can be read on this page.

Real Admins and fake Admins

Sometimes you may meet fake admins in your room who try to deceive you. Example: AdmiinistratorO1: 'Click on this Username then Click on Invite. We are here to record a teaser video of you'. Please note that real admins will never visit you in free chat and ask you to do anything. Real admins usually go to private and will write in blue check out here what sound you will here if you are taken to private by an admin.


Each site has troll users, SoulCams does too. Please read the following article that helps you to recognize trolls and the page also gives advice on how to handle them: Troll users and how to handle them


Read more about earning periods, payout dates, minimum payout limit, payment methods and other payout-related information on this link