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This page was made for explaining the reasons why it is better to have your member base on SoulCams.com

Why should you have your member base on SoulCams.com?

  • SoulCams has one of the best payout rates on the market, the payout percentage is 50%, plus we give +20% after referred members. Read more about it at Performer share system and Member referral
  • Clear, easily understandable statistics, no tricks with token system, no fine prints like some other sites. We like to speak clear.
  • Easy site rules, model friendly attitude. No penalty system, we trust models like partners
  • Our site representative is ready to give personalized help for you any time.
  • Since SoulCams is relatively a small site, you have a good chance to win on our constant Model awards and on Performer contests with a stable member base.
  • Other great options to earn money on the site even when you are offline:
    • Performer loyalty program: earn at least $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months and we will reward you with $1000 bonus! More info: Performer loyalty program
    • Photo contests: we often run photo contests in different themes. You upload images and members can vote on them even when you are offline. Find what photo contest we had so far here: Photo contest on SoulCams.com
    • Getting offline tips: members may send you a tip any time even when you are offline
    • Model referral system: you can refer other models to us and you will get a one-time $50 and 10% share from her earnings lifetime. More info: Member and Performer referral

Click here to register on SoulCams.com as a Model!

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email to [email protected]