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Performers can get special badges on SoulCams based on different factors. These badges also have an effect on the order of the online models on the list page

Model of the day

Motdicon 360.png

  • The model with the most earnings gets this special badge and will be highlighted on the site in the very first row and the very first performer on the list page.
  • You need to have at least 10 images in 'Free' and 10 in 'Members only' gallery folder in order to get this badge.
  • By 'earnings' we mean the following income types: private show income, spy, tip/virtual gift and photo vote, however bonuses like awards/contest prizes, loyalty bonus, new member bonus are not included.
  • 'The model of the day' may vary from time to time, depending on who has the most earnings on the current day.
  • The actual 'Model of the day' will have the special badge regardless of her online status (free chat, hidden cam mode, private, break mode) and even when she is offline.
  • If you ban a country and you are the 'Model of the day' then users from that country won't see your profile basically, also not that you are the Model of the day.
  • You can get this badge as many times as you meet the above-mentioned criterias.

Happy birthday

Bdayicon 360.png

  • Performers who have their birthday will get this badge for one day.
  • If you would not like to be highlightened with this badge on your birthday, you can disable it in your performer account at Settings / My profile menu.



This is a special badge that the site gives to the most talented performers on the site. This is not what a model automatically gets, site gives it to the loyal models of SoulCams who meet a list of special requirements.

The requirements are the following:

  • The performer has to be registered on the site for at least two weeks and has to have minimum 1 payout sent.
  • Decent camera image quality (smooth, flawless HD camera image)
  • Appropriate overall appearance in the cam (general appearance, background)
  • Good English knowledge
  • Minimum 5 good-quality images in the Free album on which the model appears and recognizable (face)
  • Acceptable attitude with users: the model has to be attentive and have acceptable manner with the visitors of the site



  • All newly registered performer will get this badge automatically. This badge helps newbie models to get more exposure on the site.
  • The badge stays on for a newbie model till they spend 24 hours online altogether

12 TK

Performer can set their Standard Private show per-minute price to 12 TK. Models with this price will get a special badge to attract lower spending users.