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What does offer you?
An opportunity to make good money working with a webcam from the privacy of your home. Freedom, to do something you like and even get paid for it. No strict schedules, or rude bosses to nag you, think of this job as the key to your financial success.

Let us share our experiences on how you can earn more money and have more private shows by working at Please read these tips, these proven methods and worth considering, our top earning models are using the same methods to be successful.

Always be kind and friendly with users, even in freechat. Try to interact as much as possible, smile, have fun, enjoy the work - viewers are not here to see sad and bored girls. Don't make users wait once they are in private, treat them like kings and they will return to you. Try to create a group of regular viewers and keep in touch with them. Send them jokes, funny movies, or pictures of yourself and don't ask them all the time to go private, they surely will if they think so. If visitors have any special wishes and even want more from you then you first planned, just adapt your price, and choose one that you think is more convenient for you.

Way to success

Proper equipment

Be sure to use proper equipment (webcam or camcorder, microphone, high-speed internet access). Broadcast a high quality live stream with crisp and clear picture. Older cams might be out of date, use a newer one or buy a webcam instead! Users do look for quality, blurry images and dark rooms will not attract them.

Make your room attractive

Use decoration to make your live cam picture visually more enjoyable. Curtains, pictures on the wall, mascots etc make your room more attractive and you will have more visitors.


Avoid natural lighting so do not create your workplace close to the window. Natural light will make your cam picture quality bad. Use lamps, neon light to light your room, also mind that light is really important, dark rooms where the models cannot be seen well will not be enjoyable for visitors and you will not be interesting for them.

Be online, be accessible

Be online at least 5-6 hours a day and at least 5 days a week. Models working regular hours usually have more returning members and more private shows. If you work by a schedule, users will know the exact time to catch you online. TIP: Members who marked you as favorite will get an e-mail notification when you go online.

Be always visible in the cam

If you are a webcam model you never should leave the camera empty. If you have to go to the bathroom or want to take a break then rather go offline from the site or use the 'break function'. Your guests have chosen to click on you, if they open your chatroom and they see an empty room then they will not come back, you’ve lost them! Prepare some drink close to your bed, if you are thirsty then you can easily have some water, do your best to look always fresh, if users feel you are not in a good mood then they will look for an other chat host!

Look at the camera

Put your cam/webcam close to the screen. When you type or pay attention to a visitor then try to look in the camera too, viewers like to feel that you are looking at them, they want to feel special. Just like the real world, when you get eye contact you feel a connection with the person. It is a common mistake among webcam models that they continuously scare at their screen and do not look into the camera at all, remember that when you look at the cam you look into a lot of members' eyes in the same time!

Be different and unique

It is worth learning from others, have a look at the successful chat hosts what make them successful. Although we rather recommend you to become different from the others, be unique, be a model like nobody else. Members are looking for models who do not fall into a routine, who are special and give something plus than the others. Be creative and genuine, let the members know about all your talents and values, make plans always what you will do tomorrow when you come online again. Variety is important when you are online, changing of your appearance will attract members' attention better and they surely will be interested to see you again from time to time.

Never say 'NO' to members

Even if there are things you would not do in private chat do not reply with 'no' to members. It may sound a bit weird but it works, there are tons of tips / methods how you can express 'maybe' (even if you would say NO) and if the user likes you then you will see he will take you to payed chat. Answers like ' I can try it for you' will make feel members they are special as you would try to do it for them and they will not get angry if finally you don't do their request perfectly. If you find a right way to say YES then members will be satisfied and will appreciate that you tried it for them.

Make content

Be sure to have a well-detailed performer bio page, add as much information about yourself as you can (likes, dislikes, hobbies, features and so on), make more photos for your albums. These information are also available for members if you are offline.

Keep in touch

Keep continuous contact with members, it is worth sending messages from the built-in message system (found at MESSAGES in the main menu) to members every day, they surely will feel your care and they will be grateful. For sending attachments (pictures, links, etc.) use your 'Messages' menu in your Performer area. These offline activities do not make much effort for you but the perfect way of long-term relationships! Remember that loyal and returning members will mean most of your income!

Take notes

As an online chat host you will talk with a lot of viewers. As it is impossible to memorize all of the details you knew about them we advise you to take notes about each member you talk to. Keep track of the most important details about members (name, age, location, birthday, email address, etc.). If they come by your chatroom the next time, just look for the membername and all information you noted about him will be in front of you. They will appreciate if you remember them as they will feel they are special for you and you do not consider them like the average viewers!

Respond to members

It is the chat host 's task to keep continuous conversations in her room. If the webcam model does not reply to visitors' questions then they will leave the room and look for a talkative model. Silent chat hosts will not have private shows so mind to always respond to members and guests, do not let your chatroom die!


Smiling is the best way to attract member's attention, flirt with your eyes, always always at the camera! Watching your monitor while you chat with someone makes you look like you don’t care with the member. Bored, annoyed webcam girls may ruin their whole adult webcam model career, users will remember that you are often in a bad mood and they will not visit your room in the future!

Chat with guests

A lot of chat hosts consider guests as beggars who just want to see some free show while they do not have money at all. Please forget it! All our members started out as guests. If a webcam model converts a guest into a paying member then the model can rely on the member's appreciation, if you as a chat host show him first the pleasures of private shows then he surely will return to you in the future!

Proper equipment

Be sure to use proper equipment (webcam or camcorder, microphone, high-speed internet access). Broadcast a high quality live stream with crisp and clear picture. Older webcams might be out of date, use a newer one or buy a digital cam instead! Users do look for quality, blurry images and dark rooms will not attract them.

Sometime less is more

Try to avoid working on a massive number of websites at the same time! Your internet connection and computer power will probably not handle that much anyway. You will soon find out that paying attention to 1 or 2 sites means more money and less stress for you.

It is our common to have more returning and satisfied members but for this we need your cooperation too. Please consider our advice above and we guarantee you will be successful in this business!