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SoulCams Support staff (Admin) may contact performers any time while they are online..
Lately some fake admins appeared in chatrooms and they try to deceive performers and ask them to do things that an admin would never do.
Check out the following guide that explains in great details how to recognize troll users as well as fake admins easily.

Let us explain how you can make a distinction between real and fake Support:

SoulCams Support will NEVER:

  • go to free chat and write there
  • ask you to invite to private conversation
  • ask to pose for a picture or show any sexual content or performance (for teaser videos maybe)

SoulCams Support will ALWAYS:

  • write with light green colour
  • open up in a private message window with a "ding-dong" sound. (check out the sound here)

If you see any fake admins in your room then feel free to BAN him or contact us immediately at!