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This type of contest is based on the pictures performers upload and the votes member give on them. Each vote means tokens for you, so the more votes you collect, the more money you can earn. To get an idea of what photos to upload, please check out previous photo contests on SoulCams

  • Only active members can vote (active members = those who made at least one transaction since their member signup) and who have positive token balance.
  • If it is a contest also, your contest rank is based on the votes given by all members on all your contest images.
  • Members vote on picture with their token balance
  • During photo vote contests, you can upload your pictures to a specific contest folder: Settings/My images/Contests.
  • Accepted formats: jpg and png
  • Minimum image size: 1152 x 768
  • Maximum file size: 20 mbyte
  • When you upload any picture, SoulCams staff will manually check each one of them and decide if they meet the criterias or not
  • You can delete any of your uploaded pictures if:
    1. the picture was not checked (and approved) yet by staff
    2. the uploaded and published picture has not been rated yet by any members


  • You must own the license / right of the photos
  • Only registered Model(s) may appear on the photos
  • You can upload softcore, nude or explicit photos
  • Do not upload photos that you have already uploaded to your normal gallery, profile page or previous photo contest(s)
  • Random photos downloaded from internet and/or copyright material will be disapproved
  • Your face does not have to be visible on the images, you can cover it with a mask or sunglasses
  • Do not upload duplicate photos
  • Only good-quality photos will be approved. Noisy, blurry, dark photos will not be approved
  • Manipulated photos or images with effects can be accepted only if they are done in a tasteful way and with good quality
  • Photos can not have watermark of other websites
  • You can upload as many images as you wish until they meet the above-mentioned criterias
  • Your contest rank is based on the total votes received from members on all your contest images.

See the chart below to understand your income from members' vote and the contest points they mean for you:

1 point 5 tokens
2 points 10 tokens
3 points 15 tokens
4 points 20 tokens
5 points 25 tokens



  • the Gift (tip) collecting contests are usually based on the total value of the gifts you got from the members. So not the amount of the tips count but the total value of them.
  • one member can give unlimited number of gifts to one performer


This contest is based on simple rules, models generating the most income will win.

What income types count?

  • Count: Private shows (standard and 1on1), Spy, Tips
  • Do not count: Model awards prizes, new member bonuses, other contest prizes, performer loyalty program prizes,

Tips, suggestions:

Forbidden practices:

In order to keep the contest fair for everybody, we created some simple rules. Please respect these rules and respect other users. We reserve the right to disqualify Performer Accounts that violate the rules.

The following practices are strictly forbidden:

  • Promotion of your profile and/or services through spamming (including email, comments, chat, board and so on)
  • Forcing or soliciting members to vote, tip, start a private session, etc.
  • Mocking, harassing other models or users of SoulCams
  • Involvement in fraud
  • Playback of recorded video as live stream
  • Leaving the room unattended during free live