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Enhancing your fan base with the help of social media has become essential by today. Popular models use massive social media campaigns to establish their own personal brand with potential customers. The following page will list you those free social media platforms that the successful webcam models use. All you need to have is passion, effort and open-minded attitude to be successful in advertising yourself.



Twitter is one of the most popular, quick and easy ways to collect fans, keep in touch with them and also a great way to advertise yourself regularly. You do not need to worry about your confidential info either as you can set up your Twitter account in a smart way. If you work as a webcam model you know that there might be periods when you experience lower traffic in your room. This is what Twitter is good for too, just tweet your fans that you are online on SoulCams.

If you are new to Twitter you should follow these basic steps:

  • Add your cam model name as Twitter username and use your cam model email address to sign up.
  • Add your SoulCams member/model referral links: Twitter allows you to add a link to your profile to your SoulCams profile. Feel free to add your individual SoulCams member/performer referral links. Find these links at the top of the very first page in your SoulCams performer account. This also will help you make money, even when you’re not online.
  • Make sure you have a picture of yourself on your Twitter account that will encourage people to visit you on cam.
  • Search for the Twitter accounts of popular models and begin to follow their male followers. It is recommended to follow around 30-40 persons per day, just mind to take it slow and steady. Some of them will follow you back and you should have a good amount of potential clients to advertise to within a few days. The guy who you picked to follow receives and email notifying him that he has a new follower and if he finds you interesting he will follow you back. Check out the following page for examples of webcam models' Twitter profiles: Female Models Twitter Directory
  • Periodically Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You Back: not every one who you follow will follow you back so you may end up following let's say 1000 people and only 600 people follow you back. Twitter profiles with such difference between number of followees and followers look spammy, so you need to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. It would be very time consuming and annoying to do this manually but luckily there are many free tools online that will make this process easy. Sear for some such tools via Google.
  • When you go online on SoulCams, send out a tweet! Send status updates, pictures, promotions.
  • Read the rules of Twitter. Graphic nudity and pornography are allowed however it is against the rules to have even implied nudity in your header or avatar.
  • Tweet pictures and/or videos of yourself on regular basis to keep your fans interested. Members of cam sites really enjoy seeing pictures or videos of their favorite cam girls.
  • Twitter is also great for setting up future shows. You can let your fans know when you are expected to come online or you also can arrange a scheduled show with a fan.
  • Run your own Twitter competitions: it is also a great way to increase your following base and make your tweets go viral. For instance, your followers will have to either retweet a specific tweet or perform some other kind of action that spreads your tweet around and gains your Twitter account exposure. There’s tons of things you can do as a prize. Give out a free image albums, free minutes or gift credits. These are just ideas, it is up to your creativity. In addition to gaining the viral exposure, you also have a chance to start a dialogue and build a relationship with the winner.



  • You can create a Facebook fan page and collect fans and followers. Avoid making a normal Facebook profile, create a fan page instead. Avoid using any personal details, this way your real friends, family will not find you Click here to create a Facebook fan page
  • You can interact with people as well on Facebook, turning some into regulars. You can also promote your online times or when you come on cam unscheduled.
  • Facebook isn’t adult-friendly and doesn’t allow for nudity. Use only softcore images. It can still be used to build up a follower base.
  • Don’t post nude content and be careful about linking to your SoulCams profile sites.
  • Facebook can still be used to announce when you’re going online. Instead of linking to your SoulCams chat room, you can create a post stating that you’re logging onto your camming site and what your username is. This will allow people to find you without risking getting banned for linking to an adult site.
  • Check out some well-known webcam models' Facebook fan pages and learn how they use facebook for self-promotion:


Tumblr Logo.svg.png

Tumblr is an adult-friendly social media network that provides you a perfect opportunity to advertise yourself and direct more traffic to your SoulCams profile. There is a very massive “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) Tumblr community. Before you begin: Make sure you set your blog to “NSFW” under settings. You’ll get banned if you post adult content without doing this!

  • Make sure to add your SoulCams performer username when you sign up at Tumblr. This way members can find ou more easily.
  • How to build up your follower base: it might go a bit slow at first but you will see that as time goes by your number of followers will grow:
    • Follow people and get your own followers: start to follow some people, check out their posts, like the ones you like, or reblog them. The more followers you get, the more chance you have of getting your posts reblogged and liked.
    • Liking and Reblogging: If someone reblogs one of your posts, their followers will see it on their dashboards. You can reblog and like the posts of others. All posts are rated with the "notes" they get.
    • Tagging your posts: Tags are very important to use. People will search tags and find your content if it’s tagged with what they are looking for. Here are some examples: #hot, #camgirl, #soulcams #nsfw, #cam2cam; #gonewild Make sure to tag all your posts and mind the importance of using relevant tags.
    • Setting Image Click-Through to Tumblr blog: a good way to build up a following fast is to set the click-through link to your Tumblr blog. While they are on your blog, a follow icon will appear in the right-hand corner. You can put your SoulCams profile link over there.
  • If you are on other social networks that allow for adult content, share your content and link to the Tumblr blog
  • Tumblr Design & Appearance: fortunately Tumblr allows you to customize your Tumblr profile. Remember that the more eye-ctaching your profile is, the more people will follow you.
  • Check out some famous webcam models' Tumblr profile:

For a more detailed guide to Tumblr please read the following article: The Beginner's Guide to Tumblr



Instagram is an awesome photo-sharing platform that perfectly can be used for promoting yourself. Instagram makes it very easy to share your pictures

How to make a fruitful and successful Instagram profile?

  • User your SoulCams performer username: make sure to add your SoulCams performer username. This helps build recognition for you. Followers like googling their favorites in order to find more content of them and this way they can easily find your SoulCams performer profile too easily. Instagram can perfectly be used for advertising your own shows after having a decent follower base.
  • Place your SoulCams links in your Instagram profile: make sure you include your SoulCams profile link or your member referral links in your Instagram profile. This way you send traffic to your chatroom on SoulCams.
  • Using tags: it is very important to tag your photos with relevant hashtags. There are many websites out there that offer Instagram search and this is how people will find you.
  • Be Social: follow other cam models, members and comment on their posts. If you do so, your username and avatr will appear there too.


These are specific forum sites and communities where adult industry participants talk to each other. Some of them provide you a great way to advertise yourself.

How to advertise for free on them?

Instead of spamming these forum sites there are good tactics how to advertise yourself.

  • Look for topics, threads where models can introduce themselves or where models talk to each other. We will indicate these topics below to give you a hint.
  • Put your SoulCams referral links into your signitures If you post something on a forum site, your signiture will appear at all posts. You can add your social media usernames or your SoulCams profile link. If for example you would like to recruit models you can put your performer referral link to the signiture, if you would like to refer members then just put your individual member referral links in it.

Forum sites in Romania


This is one of the most popular forum sites in Romania where models, studios, webmasters change their ideas. There are certain topics where you can advterise yourself for free.

These are less popular ones but still good for self-promotion.

Forum sites in Russia, Ukraine

Forum sites in USA

These forum sites are mostly popular in USA however there are models, members from all over the world.


There are free job advertisement sites that you can use for referring other models successfully (model recruitment). You can post your adverts for free and paste your individual performer referral link in the advert.