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Please note that if you choose Standalone Performer Signup, you can register only one person. If for example you would like register a couple account or a lesbian account then you should choose the Studio registration instead of Solo Performer signup.
You will be asked to provide the performer username: choose a good Performer ID because this is the name you will appear with on the site. 'Available' means that the name you will like to add is not reserved and all right, if you see the 'taken' text there then it means the performer ID you wish to use is already used by another model, in this case choose another performer ID. Note that the Performer ID cannot be changed later so mind to add one you really like. Please do not add any part of your real name or personal information, rather choose a good fantasy name (you can check what performer name there are on the site here

You will need to add a password, mind to add a safe one that only you know. If the registration process is finished and your account is approved by our staff then you can change your password to a new one any time.

Email address:

It is important to add an email address where you are available any time and able to access, because:

  • we will send a confirmation link to this email address if you change your account settings (adding your contact information, uploading your age verification document (scanned ID), personal information, billing address, payment method and payout limit)
  • we can contact you any time through this email address about important issues, alerts (e.g. your payout)
  • we send our newsletters here about our contests, news, important updates about the site

Note: if you use free email providers make sure to mark SoulCams as a trusted sender. For example yahoo and hotmail email providers usually deliver our emails to the jink/spam folder. Make sure to mark the email as 'not spam' so the emails sent by us could arrive to your inbox instead of the spam/junk folder)
Choose your gender so we could know what category you would like to appear in. Read and accept the Model agreement and hit 'Signup'.


  • Email address: you can change here your email address. Make sure to spell the new email address correctly.
  • Additional contact way: you need to add a working additional contact way besides your email address as sometimes we are unable to reach performers/studios through their email addresses. Add at least one working additional contact way: Skype, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger or a Phone Number. If you have more from them then add all you have, if you have only one from them then put N/A to the others (to those that you do not have).

Personal information

Make sure to fill out this part properly since it is required to send your payments. Add your full legal name, your birth date.

Age verification: scanned ID and face+ID+code image

scanned ID

To be able to broadcast and get paid, you need to upload a scanned copy of one of your government-issued photo IDs and another photo when you hold your ID in your hand, next to your face as well as the unique code that we generate for you. The documents you submit, will be revised by our staff in 24 hours and you will be notified about the result. If any of the documents do not meet the requirements, you will be asked to submit it again.

The document must not be edited or photoshopped. Please make sure that you took a photograph of the original ID, not a photograph of a photocopy or a phone screenshot.

The format of the document must be jpg/jpeg and under 5 Mbytes file size.

Click on 'Select file' button, search for it on your PC and if done click on the Start button. If you have any problem with the upload procedure, you can also send the scanned documents by email to

Please upload a photo ID document which contains:

  • your full legal name
  • a photo of you
  • your birth date (year-month-day) (which proves you are over 18 years old)
  • the ID number of the ID document
  • your nationality
  • the validation / expiry date of the ID document

Most of the time (mostly on passports) all these details can be found on 1 page of the ID document. In this case it is enough to scan only this part of the ID (Front) and then upload it to the FRONT section of the Upload documents part. (in this situation you can leave the BACK section blank) If any of the previously mentioned details misses from the FRONT part of the ID then you will need to scan the BACK (or the part of the document where the missing details appear) too and upload it to the BACK section.

face+ID+code image

Please take an image on which you hold your photo ID in your hand close to your face (this has to be the document you uploaded in scanned form before). Morevover, on the registration page you will see an individual code that you need to write on a paper and show it as well,

Checklist for 'Face and code and ID' image:

  • image is made in a location with good lighting
  • face clearly visible and not covered with anything
  • both the unique code and the ID are clearly visible and legible
  • your ID and the code on a piece of paper do not cover each other

Please see an example on this link how such an image should look like:

Billing Address

To get your payout from us it is essential to provide your address (street, number, city, country). Don't select a state unless you are a US/Canadian resident. Make sure the information you give is right

Payout information

You can set the minimum payout limit here and provide your desired payment option. To know more about the payout methods, payout limit, payout dates read the Payment methods and rules field.


Performer category and characteristics

This is the place where you can select your characteristics. Read more about it here


Select a nickname (it is not the same as Performer username!) It will only be displayed on your bio page!) and add more information about yourself: height, weight, age, sex, hair, eye colour etc. This will appear on your profile page also so it is important to provide as much information about yourself as possible.

Performer charge options

You can set the per-minute prices for the different show types here. Read more about the show types and charge options here

Tell Us Something About Yourself

This part is really important as you can introduce yourself to the visitors, information given here will appear on your profile.
Filling out these sections are compulsory. Please do not add XXX or short words only here, let the visitors know more of you! Be creative, write an effective introduction but mind to add only true things, e.g. if you would like to detail what turns you on then do not mention there such things that you would not do in a private show, our members may become confused or dissatisfied.
Make them interested in you with a good teaser introduction and they will keep coming to see you!
When you fill out the profile page, please be aware of the words you are not allowed to use. Check them out here: Profile page text policy

  • Amazon Wish List: if you have an Amazon wish list you can add the link here and it will appear on your bio page. You can show the members what items you would be happy to get.
  • Twitter: if you have a Twitter account you can add it here. It also will appear on your bio page
  • Languages: select the language/languages you speak (select those you speak well).