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Webcam modeling means chatting live using your webcam on your computer and earning incredible money doing it.

     Anyone can be a great webcam model. No experience is required. But being attractive with a nice personality is a plus! Nudity is not a must and your privacy is guaranteed. Our site allows webcam models to be themselves and have fun.
  Earn money from the comfort of Your home, even as a full-time job! This website contains  tips and tricks on how to become a successful webcam model and how to earn incredible money as a chat host.


Here are the main reasons why it is good to work with us:


We accept webcam models from all over the world, so you're welcome to sign up anytime, no matter where you are from. The registration is completely free. Use the following link to sign up as a webcam model on!

  SoulCams has a very good member base, however it is essential to advertise yourself in order to become successful on the site. Our most popular models utilize social media like Twitter to collect more fans, or they have a personal website where they advertise themselves. Find more tips, suggestions on how to advertise yourself on this page

Please read the following guide to get a broader picture about the many different ways you can earn money at SoulCams: How to earn money at SoulCams



You can register as a studio or as a solo model, the main difference is the number of persons who may work under the account.

  • Solo (standalone) account: only one registered person may work. You can sign up as a solo performer here: Click here
  • Studio account: one or more registered persons may perform, duo or group accounts are also available. You can sign up as a studio here: Click here

Both accounts have access to detailed payment Statistics.

How to register?

You can start the sign up process by clicking on the Work with us link at the bottom of the main page where you will find the registration buttons for both Solo models and Studios. You need to fill out the registration form step by step.

If you’ve just registered: Please keep in mind, that we can check your registration only if all the necessary information is provided and all the required documents are uploaded!

Once you have completed the registration process, please be patient. Your model application along with the documents you uploaded are now pending approval. Our support checks all applications in the order of reception within 24 hours.

In case your application is rejected, the exact reason is sent out to your registered email address. Please examine thoroughly the reason of rejection and our requested changes in order to be accepted as a performer.


For the recommended equipment required for live streaming on Soulcams, check out this page:

Hints and tips

Turn off any other application that utilizes your Internet connection while you're streaming (such as instant messaging applications, YouTube, torrent clients etc.).

We recommend wired connections for live streaming in order to avoid any data loss and delays, that are a common occurrence with wireless connections.


  • Not paying attention to the site and ignoring visitors is not recommended. If you're not feeling well, or you're not in the mood to perform online, then it's best if you go offline and only come back once your mood improves. If visiting guests often see that you ignore them, they will not return. Please keep in mind that the visitors come to the site to relax, to have fun, and to see upbeat, smiling models.
  • If you are a chat host, it is really important to look at the camera while you chat with guests. Eye contact with users is essential. Staring at the screen is not recommended, so please try and place your camera above or really close to your screen, and always try to look straight into the camera when you're interacting with your guests.
  • Leaving your camera while online is really not recommended. If you need to leave the camera even for a few seconds, you have to go offline or utilize the hidden cam feature until your return. Users opening your chat room only to find it empty will usually leave your room immediately.
  • Chat hosts who do not show their face to visitors usually get less attention from viewers. It is important to always look at the camera, and maintaining eye contact with members is a key element in becoming a successful chat host!
  • Be sure to have proper lighting in your room, because the better lit your room is, the better your camera picture will be. Also, note that the higher up you place the light source, the more shadows will fall on your face (see the illustration above), which is unflattering and not recommended to do. Natural light (windows) has an undesired effect on your camera picture, so we advise you to use artificial lighting at all times.


First of all, you have to understand that you as a webcam model always need to be nice with visitors. You start out in free chat, it means that users can watch your free camera picture until one or more users take you to a private show (paid chat). All sorts of people will join your room, but most of them are really nice and friendly and would like to get to know you better. If you see users typing offensive things to you then do not take it to heart, you have to learn to ignore such users and focus only on the ones that are interested in you. Basically, the users will ask questions like your name, location (country), likes, dislikes, sexual preferences, etc. It is up to you to decide what you share with them. The goal is to persuade users to enter your private show to get to know you better or see more of you. It is important to note that if you do not communicate with visitors in free chat and/or keep repeatedly telling them to take you private will come across as greedy and unoriginal, and it creates an impression that you're only here for the money. Instead, try engaging your viewers in creative or seductive ways to encourage them to join your private show. Ask them questions, keep the conversation going. If you keep doing that, one of them will eventually join your private show!


There are several types of visitors who will join your room. You should treat each viewer like a potential customer!


They are not registered members yet but they are potential customers. All paying members used to be guests first so guests require high attention from models. As a chat host you should encourage guests to register as a member on the site, and to visit your private show. If you can make a guest sign up as a member then they surely will visit you often as it was you who introduced them to the features the site can offer to members! If you keep continuous contact with the member (who signed up because of your effort) then you have a high chance that the user will be loyal to you and will enjoy your company exclusively.

Registered (active) members

They are viewers who bought tokens at least once. They can turn out to be loyal members too but it is also possible that the member registered only recently, and was only a guest a couple of days ago.

Fan Club members and VIP members

Fan Club members and VIP members are usually loyal members on the site who deserve special care and attention. Most of them spend serious amounts on the site, and they can decide to support you regularly. You can build up a stable fanbase by regularly uploading exclusive content to your Fan Club.


There are several types of people with different intentions that you will meet while broadcasting. It's safe to say that there's two main types of people who visit adult webcam sites regularly: the lonely ones and the horny ones.

The lonely ones

Lonely people look for online models to have a conversation or flirt with. Many of them are too shy to chat up or meet a girl in real life, some of them are married and they're thinking that if they talk/flirt with an online model then it doesn't count as cheating. We can generally say that the majority of these people are not interested in nude cam shows. They just need some attention, they feel lonely or bored and they want someone to share their thoughts and opinions with, or to listen to someone else's thoughts and opinion on all sorts of topics. These type of people usually stay much longer in a private show (paid chat) than those who only came to watch a nude show. Members with such a mindset keep returning to chat hosts regularly, they consider a model as their friend and soul mate. They usually are curious and genuinely interested in the chat hosts' real personality. The lonely type of guest wants to know what is behind the curtain: your plans for the future, your favourite music, films, etc. They keep returning not only to spend time with you, but to support you with their votes in a contest. Always aim to make each customer feel special, keep continuous contact with them, send messages, pictures etc.

The horny ones

These type of people visit adult live webcam sites driven by strong sexual desires, they want to see naked girls doing nude shows. It also means that they do not talk much with chat hosts and horny visitors usually spend less time in a private show than the lonely ones. Of course, there are exceptions so a horny vistor can still spend a substantial amount of time in private. You need to handle such visitors the same way as you would handle a lonely type of visitor. It often happens that horny guys first ask for a naked show but later they do not leave the private show and would like to get to know the webcam model better. We know of many examples where the visitor joined the chat host's private show to watch a nude performance, but later the user returned and wanted to know more about the model as a person. In the end it all comes down to how engaging, how much fun, how interesting you are as a model. If you can achieve this then you are on the right path to becoming a successful webcam model, and you will make serious money working as a chat host!


Free chat is the place where you can encourage visitors to take you to a private show. If you do not interact in any meaningful way other than keep telling guests to join your private show, they will feel like you're only after their money, and that's a major turnoff. Guests visit adult live sex chat sites to interact with webcam models. Try to respond to most visitors in your room, ask questions of your own etc. When you chat with them, address them on their names (viewer ID) like this: Hello charlie123, how are you today? Some viewers do not believe they're watching a live cam girl due to the lack of interaction in a models room. Wave your hands to them, send them kisses and do not forget to look into the camera and maintain eye contact with the visitors!Refrain from using words like BUY or MONEY while chatting with a user, also try to avoid using offensive expressions like ASSHOLE, IDIOT, BASTARD, WASTE, etc. Viewers come to live webcam sites to let some steam off, to chill, to have fun - you should always be nice and you should not let negative remarks drag you down!


For tips and tricks please read the following guide: How to be more successful


How does adult webcam modeling work?

If you went through the model signup process, then you are ready to go online and earn an incredible amount of money as a chathost. When you start broadcasting, you are in freechat. Here you can chat with the visitors, and encourage them to take you to a private show (paid chat), or send you tips. When a visitor takes you to a private show, he is alone with you, the other guests in your room cannot see you anymore in freechat, and this also means that you start earning money. From this point it's up to you how long the paying member stays in your chatroom. Be creative, engaging, interesting! As a webcam model you need to put emphasis on establishing long-term relationships with your members, regular customers visiting you day by day will result in becoming a successful webcam model in the long run.

I have never done this before, can I start camming without any experience?

Yes, of course! Webcam modeling is not a complicated job at all. If you chat sometimes with friends on live messenger for example, then chatting with members as a webcam model is not much different. Just be open-minded, nice, creative, sensual and captivating! Viewers visit adult chat sites not just for fun, but to find a friend or somebody to share their thoughts and feelings with. It even happens that paying members talk about everyday things (family, music, weather, etc) with chat hosts so you surely will find a way to share your point of view, ideas with the visitors. It's up to the model to get a conversation going.

Who will visit my chatroom?

Visitors come from all over the world, but we can generally say that most of the viewers are from the USA, Canada, Australia and Western-Europe. Visitors from these countries spend serious amounts of money on live chat. The visitors are usually adults so they are above 18 years old.

I am afraid of performing live on the internet, I do not want any of my relatives/friends to find me as a webcam model, does Soulcams offer geoblocking? allows chat hosts to ban visitors from any country in their room. It means that visitors from the countries banned by the model will not be able to open the chat room or the models profile, so you don't need to be afraid of your neighbours or relatives finding out that you're a webcam performer.

I am afraid of giving you my personal details (name, ID document) for Model sign up

We need your personal details in order to be sure that you are of legal age (18). Neither your full legal name, nor your age or location will be displayed on the site. You will work under a fantasy name (performer name) chosen by you or your studio, visitors only see what you're willing to share about yourself in your bio.

Are there any conditions of becoming a webcam model?

You must be at least 18 years old in order to create a model account.

You will need a desktop computer and a webcam, or a notebook with a built in webcamera and a good internet connection to start streaming on Soulcams.

As for the hardware: the more powerful, the better.

If you're planning on multicamming (or multistreaming, streaming to multiple camsites at once) having a powerful notebook or desktop computer is a must!

In terms of the internet connection required for this job, upload speed is what matters most.

You need to have at least 2Mbit/sec of upload speed for a 720p stream per site you're streaming to!

So if you're a multicammer streaming to say 5 sites at once, you need a powerful desktop computer or laptop with at least 8GB's of RAM, a 6 core 12

thread processor, plus an internet connection that supports 10Mbit/sec upload speed at least!

What do I need to do to become a chat host on your site?

The model and studio signup process is really easy and straightforward on All you need is a scanner (or a digital camera/camera phone) and a government-issued photo ID (identity card, driver's license or passport). Once you finished the registration process, our staff will check it within 48 hours and inform you by email. When your model application is approved, you can start making money immediately! Make sure you have the necessary equipment as mentioned above (powerful desktop PC or notebook, webcam, stable and fast internet connection with decent upload speed) before you start your career as a webcam model. Click here to sign up as a Model!

Do I have to pay any sign up fee for you?

No, absolutely not! Model registration is totally free.

Can I register as a chat host if I don't have a scanner?

A scanner is not so important if you have a good digital camera or a phone that takes decent pictures, you can take a picture of your photo ID. The required documents (scanned ID and a picture where you're holding the same ID in your hand next to your face) have to be uploaded in jpeg format, and everything must be clearly and easily readable.

Can I do this job if I'm beyond a certain age?

A chathosts' age or appearance aren't the most important metrics when it comes to camming. Remember that there are millions of men out there with different desires and preferences. Your personality and attitude matters most!

I have completed the Model Sign up process, when can I start working?

Our staff will check your application and will let you know within 48 hours if you were approved or not. If you missed any important information during the sign up process, we will let you know what you need to do in order to get approved as a performer. As soon as you get the model approval email from us you can go online and start working as a webcam model!

Will I be able to check my earnings somehow?

Yes of course! We have detailed chat host statistics, you can check your earnings in a daily breakdown! You can even have a look at members' names visited you in paid chat, including the duration of the private show and your share (%) of each show.

In what language can I interact with visitors?

About 70-80% of our visitors are from English speaking countries (USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc.) so the most common language during chat is English. Of course we have users from other parts of the World, but English is spoken all over the world, so a large portion of those users speak English too. If a user joins your private show where you two are alone, then of course it is allowed to speak any other language that you both understand. Truth is, if you want to succeed as an adult webcam performer then you should be able to write in English at least on a beginner's level. Don't worry if your English is not perfect, working as an online chathost is a great way to improve your English! Additionally you can use online translating websites (Google Translate for instance). In the adult webcam industry there are some very specific words, phrases and expressions that you will encounter, but you will learn those as you go!

Do I have to be naked the whole time I'm online?

No! Although we are an adult webcam site, it's not just about nudity. The most important basic fact is that you do not need to be nude or get naked at all in freechat. You only need to give nude shows for the members who join your private session, and ask you to provide a nude show for them. We have several performer categories, and the Flirt category is for those webcam models who do not wish to get naked or give a nude show during a paid session. Truth is, our top-earning models are Flirt models, so they earn thousands of dollars per pay period without getting naked. But succeeding as a Flirt model requires great spoken English, and an outgoing, upbeat, engaging, fun personality. It is important to note that if you are performing in the nude category, and a paying member asks you to give him a nude show, then you are required to fulfill his request. Paying viewers usually like to direct the show, but that doesn't automatically mean that you have to do anything they're asking. For example, if you don't like using sex toys, then you don't have to. This is what the free chat is for, the model and the potential paying member can talk over the details of the private show.

I work on another camsite, can I work on your site too?

Yes, of course, although we advise chat hosts to avoid working on a large number of websites at the same time. But as long as your computer and internet connection are up to the task, you can work on other sites. But keep in mind that working on multiple sites requires you to divide your attention between these sites, which can be overwhelming (and counterproductive) for some. Click here to sign up as a webcam model!

How and when do I get my payment from you?

We offer multiple different payout options for our models. There are two payout periods in a month, and we are sending out payments twice a month assuming you have reached the minimum amount to qualify for a payout. You will need to choose your desired payout method during the Model Sign up process.

If you send me my payout, will it be visible anywhere how I earned this money?

Of course not! We respect webcam models' privacy, all the payments we send will appear discretely and nobody will know how you earned it.

Is there a minimum amount of time I have to spend online?

It's all up to the chat hosts when and for how long they would like to work. There is no minimum amount of time you need to spend online, you are your own boss! Although keep in mind that if you're looking to make serious amounts of money, you should spend as much time online as possible. Members visit their favourite model on a daily basis. Your offline activity is also very important! You have the option to send messages to members, or update your bio page with new images, videos.

Can I perform with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes you can! There is only one strict rule: the person you want to perform with also has to go through the model sign up process.

Where can I start the sign up process?

Click here to sign up as a Model!