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Webcam modeling means chatting live on webcam on your computer and earning incredible money for it.
Anyone can be a great webcam model. No experience is required. But being attractive with a nice personality is a plus! Nudity is not a must and your privacy is guaranteed. Our site allows webcam models to be themselves and have fun.
Earn money from the comfort of Your home, even as a full-time job! This website contains tips and tricks on how to become a successful webcam model and how you can earn incredible money as a chat host.


Here are the main reasons why it is good to work with us:


We accept webcam models from all over the world, so feel free to register at us. The registration is completely free. Use the following link to sign up as a webcam model on!
SoulCams has a very good member base however it is essential to advertise yourself too in order to become successful on the site. Our popular models use social media like Twitter to collect more fans or they have a personal website where they advertise themselves. Find more tips, suggestions on how to advertise yourself on this page

Please read the following guide about the ways you can earn money at SoulCams: How to earn money at SoulCams



You can register as a studio or a solo model, the main difference is the number of persons who may work under the account.

  • Solo (standalone) account: only one registered person may work. Start here the registration: Click here
  • Studio account: one or more registered persons may perform and multi-personal accounts are also available. Start here the registration: Click here

Both accounts have access to detailed payment Statistics.

How to register?

You can begin a registration by clicking on the Work with us link at the bottom of the main page where you will find the registration buttons both for Solo models and Studios. You need to fill the registration form step by step.

If you’ve just registered: Please mind, that we can check your registration only if all the necessary information is provided and requested documents are uploaded!

Once you have completed the registration process, please be patient. The registration and the documents you uploaded are now waiting for approval. Our Registration Department checks all registrations in the order of reception within a maximum of 24 hours.

In case your registration is rejected, the exact reason is sent out to your registered email address. Please read carefully the reason of rejection and our requested changes in order to successfully register.


For the recommended technical background as well as cameras, check out this page:

Hints and tips

Turn off all other applications which use your Internet connection (such as messengers, YouTube, torrents, etc.).

We recommend wired, as opposed to wireless Internet connections, to avoid any data loss and delays.


  • Showing no interest to the site and ignoring visitors is not recommended. If you are not well or you are not in the mood to be online then rather go offline and only come back if you feel all right. If guests often see that you ignore them, they will not return. Please mind and remember that the visitors come to the site for fun and to see smiling and happy models.
  • If you are a chat host, it is really important to look at the camera while you chat with guests. Eye contact with users is essential, visitors like to feel you look at them, staring at your screen is not recommended so please try to place your cam above or really close to your screen and always try to look straight at the camera when you type to viewers.
  • Leaving your camera picture empty is really not recommended. Even if you need to leave the camera for some seconds you have to go offline until you are away from cam. Users opening your chat room and seeing nobody in the camera will leave your room immediately and also may not come to your anymore!
  • Chat hosts who do not show their face to visitors usually get less attention from viewers. It is important to always look at the camera, eye contact with members is a key element of being a successful chat host!
  • Be sure to have proper lighting because the more light you use the better your camera picture will be. Also, note that the higher you put the light, the more shadows will fall on your face (see the illustration picture above), which is not recommended. Natural light (windows) has a bad effect on your camera picture quality so we advise you to use indoor lighting always.


First of all, you have to understand that you as an online webcam model always need to be nice with visitors. First you are in free chat, it means that users can watch your free camera picture until one or more users take you to private show (paid chat). All types of people may join your room, but most of them are really nice and friendly and would like to know you better. If you see any users typing unkind things to you then do not take it upon yourself, you have to learn to ignore such users and concentrate only on those who are interested in you. Basically, the users will ask questions from you like your name, location (country), likes, dislikes, etc, it is all up to you what information you share with them. You have to persuade users to enter your private show to know you better or see more of you. It is important to note that if you do not really communicate with visitors in free chat and you always tell them to come to your private session then users may feel you are only online for money. Chat with them in a sloppy way, be creative, feel free to ask them questions you too, you will see that one from them will take you to private session!


There are several types of visitors who will join your room, you should treat each viewer like kings, any of them can be your potential private show partner!


They are not registered members yet but they are potential customers. All paying members used to be guests first so guests really require high attention from webcam models. As a chat host you should encourage guests to register on the site and to visit your private show. If you can make a guest register as a member then he surely will visit you often as it was you who brought the pleasure of private shows to his attention. If you keep continuous contact with the member (who registered because of your effort) then you have a high chance that the user will be loyal to you and he will not check other webcam models but will enjoy only your company.

Registered (active) members

They are viewers who bought tokens at least once. They can be loyal members but it is also possible that the member registered lately so he might have been a quest a day ago for example.

Fan Club members and VIP members

Fan Club members and VIP members are usually loyal members on the site who deserve really special care. Most of them spend serious amounts on the site and they can decide to support you. You can build up a stable Fan club base by providing exclusive contents and constantly updating them.


There are several types of people with different intentions who you may meet while chatting with visitors. We can basically say that there are two main types of people who visit adult webcam chat sites: the lonely ones and the horny ones.

The lonely ones

Lonely people look for online webcam models to have some talk or flirt with. Some of them are shy to meet a girl in real, some of them are married and they guess that if they talk/flirt with an online webcam model then they do not cheat on their wife. We can generally say that these type of people are not mostly here for seeing a nude live model show. They just need special attention, they feel lonely or bored and they want someone to share their good or bad things with and to listen to someone' s opinion about everyday things. The lonely type of people stays much longer in private show (paid chat) than those who come to see only a naked model show. It frequently happens that the webcam model even does not need to get naked at all during the private show. Members with such attitude usually return to chat hosts regularly, they mostly consider a webcam model as their friend and soul mate. They are usually curious about the chat hosts' real personality, the lonely type of people would like to know what is behind the curtain: your plans for the future, your favourite music, films, etc. They usually return and support their favourite webcam models with voting, helping them to win on special webcam model contests. Always try to make each customer feel special, keep continuous contact with them, sending messages, pictures etc will lead to a long-time friendship and will make you a successful webcam model!

The horny ones

These type of people visit adult live webcam chat sites mostly for fun and to see girls getting naked and giving a nude show for them. It also means that they do not talk much with chat hosts and horny visitors mostly stay less in private show than the lonely ones. Of course, there are exceptions so a horny guy also can stay really much in your paid chat. Please consider that you need to handle such visitors in the same way as you do with the lonely type of viewers! It often happens that horny guys first ask for a naked show but later they do not leave the private show and would like to know the webcam model better. We know about a lot of examples when the visitor joint the chat host's private show first only to see a nude show but later the user returned and wanted to know more about the model as a person. The key is in your hand, if you can make users feel you are different from other webcam girls and you have a great personality then the horny type of men will also be interested in you and will visit you again and again! If you can achieve this then you are on the right way for becoming a successful webcam model and you will make serious money from working as a chat host!


The free chat is the place where you can encourage guys to take you to private show. If you do not chat but you always ask them to join your private show then they will feel you only want their money. Viewers come to adult live sex chat sites to interact with webcam models, if it wouldn't be so then they would watch a simple porn movie. Try to respond to the most of the visitors in your room, you can ask questions from them too. When you chat with them call them on their name (viewer ID) like this: Hello charlie123, how are you today? Some viewers do not believe they really watch a live cam girl so prove them sometimes that you are really live and real, wave your hands to them, send them kisses and do not forget to look into the camera to keep eye contact with the visitors! Remember using the right words when you chat with viewers, words like MONEY, BUY etc can make visitors think you do webcam job only for money. Also try to avoid using negative meaning words like ASSHOLE, IDIOT, BASTARD, WASTE, etc, viewers come to live webcam sites for fun, even if some users may make you frustrated you should always be nice and you should not let negative viewers make your mood go down!


For tips and tricks please read the following guide: How to be more successful


How does adult webcam model job work?

If you went through the model sign up procedure then you are ready to go online and earn incredible money as a chat host. When you go online you are in free chat first, you chat with guests and you encourage them to take you to private show (paid chat) or give you tips. It is important to mind that visitors should not feel you are online for earning money, you need to show them that you are here for fun and entertaining them. When a visitor takes you to private show then he is alone with you, the other guests cannot see you anymore in free chat and this also means you start earning money. It mostly depends on your talent how long the paying member stays in your chat room, if you are interesting for him he will stay really long with you so be creative and find the way how users can stay longer in your paid chat room. As a webcam model you need to put emphasis on making a long-term relationship with members, regular customers visiting you day by day will result in becoming a successful webcam model. You as a chat host need to be open-minded and cheerful, visitors come to chat with webcam models for entertainment.

I have never done this job before, can I do it without any experiences?

Yes, of course! Webcam modeling is not a complicated job at all, you do not need any trading or practice before you start to work as a chat host. If you chat sometimes with friends on live messenger for example then chatting with members as a webcam model is not much different from that. Just be open-minded, nice, creative and cheerful, show them your sensual side! Viewers visit adult chat sites not just for fun but to find a good friend or somebody to share their good or bad things with. It even happens that paying members talk about everyday things (family, music, weather, etc) with chat hosts so you surely will find a way to share your point of view, ideas with the visitors. It mostly depends on the webcam model what the conversation is about but if the member has requests then you cannot ignore him, visitors should not feel you would like to waste their time.

Who will visit my chat room?

Visitors are from all over the world, but we can generally say that most of the viewers come from USA, Canada, Australia and Western-Europe. Visitors from these countries spend serious amounts of money on live chat and they like to chat with webcam models. The visitors are usually adults so they are above 18 years old.

I am afraid of performing live on the internet, I do not want any of my relatives/friends to find me as a webcam model allows chat hosts to ban countries from their room. It means that visitors from the countries models ban will not be able to open the chat room or profile, so you do not need to be afraid of your neighbors or relatives finding you on the internet as a webcam model.

I am afraid of giving you my personal details (name, ID document) for Model sign up

We need your personal details to be sure you are over 18 as webcam job is only allowed for adults. Neither your full legal name nor your age or location will be displayed on the site. You will work with a fantasy name (performer name) you choose and visitors only will see as much information about you as you wish to share!

Are there any conditions of becoming a webcam model?

It is important to note that you must be over 18 to work as webcam model, you need to prove it with an identity document too when you register at us as a chat host. You also will need to buy the necessary technical background: a strong PC or laptop with at least a webcam and you also have to buy a fast and stable internet connection.

What do I need to do to become a chat host on your site?

The model or studio sign up process is really easy on, all you need to have is a scanner and a government-issued photo ID of yours (identity card or driver's license or passport). Once you finished the registration process our staff will check it in 48 hours and inform you by email if you added all the requested information you added are right or not. If your webcam model registration is approved then it means you can start going online as a chat host and earning a serious amount of money. Be sure to have the necessary technical background (strong PC or laptop, webcam, stable and fast internet connection) before you start your career as a webcam model. Click here to start registering as a Model

Do I have to pay any sign up fee for you?

No, absolutely not! Model registration is totally free.

Can I register as a chat host if do not have a scanner?

A scanner is not so important as if you have a good digital camera or a phone, you can make a picture of your photo ID. The requested documents (scanned ID and a picture on which you hold this ID in your hand next to your face) have to be uploaded in jpeg form so as if they were a picture and if you can make a good quality and readable picture of the requested documents then it will be all right and we will approve them as well.

Can I do this job if my age is not ideal for webcam modeling or I am not supposed to be as beautiful as a dream girl?

Basically, chat hosts' age or appearance is not so important. Remember that there are millions of men with different desires, some of them love plump girls, some likes mature women while of course some prefer slim girls around 20, so forget the thought that members may not like you. Your personality and attitude matter much more, if you can flirt with words and you can make users interested with your personality or simply with your smile or look, then you will see that you can be successful as well in webcam job. Even if you are afraid to do this job, just give yourself a chance.

If I go through the Model Sign up process when can I start to work?

Our staff will check your registration and will let you know in 48 hours if everything was all right or not. If you missed any important information from the registration, we will let you know what you need to do. As soon as you get the model approval email from us you can start going online and work as a webcam model.

How will I know about my earnings? Will I be able to check it somewhere?

Yes of course! We established a perfectly detailed chat host statistics, you can check your earnings of each day you worked on! You even can have a look at the members' name visited you in paid chat including the duration of the private show and your share (%) of each of them.

In what language can I talk with visitors?

About 70-80 % of our visitors come from English-speaking countries (USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ...) so the commonly used language during the chat is English. Of course we have users from other language areas too like France, Germany, Italy, etc but remember that English is spoken all over the world so even those people speak English in a way. When webcam models type something in the common free chat then all visitors in the room have to understand what the model type. Just imagine the situation when you are in free chat and you reply in Russian language for example to a user, the other guests will not understand your sentences at all and will leave your room. If the user joins the chat host' s private show where the model and the member are alone then of course it is allowed to use a non-English language if both of you speak that langauge well or better than English. Actually if you would like to work as an adult webcam model then you should be able write in English at least in minimum level. Do not worry if your English is not so good, working as an online chat host is a really good way to practise and improve your English knowledge! You will learn new words day by day and your knowledge will be satisfying in a short time. Additionally you may use online translator websites (for example Google Translate) which help you to search for unknown words or expressions easily, a really perfect way of English learning. In the adult webcam job industry there are some specific words, phrases and expressions that are different from average English vocabulary but they will be really easy to remember so do not be afraid of them!

Do I always have to get naked when I am online?

No! Although we are an adult site webcam modeling it is not all about nudity. The most important basic fact is that you do not need to be nude or get naked at all in free chat, you only need to give a nude show for those members who joined your private session and asked for it. We have several categories and the Flirt/Only talk category is for those webcam models who do not wish to get naked or give a nude performer show in paid session. We need to share the fact with you that most of our top-earning webcam models are in Flirt/Only talk category, so they earn thousands of dollars per two weeks without getting naked at all! They found the way how to set up a constant group of returning visitors, these successful webcam models have long-term relationship with their clients who are not basically interested in watching nude shows but to have their soul mates. If you are in GIRLS (nude) category then it also does not mean you always need to be nude if you have a private show (paid show), you may have a viewer in private show who does not require to see a nude performance but only to talk about sexual fantasies for example. It is important to note that if you are in nude category and a paying member asks you to give him a nude performer show then you have to do it. Paying viewers usually tell you what to show them but do not think that you have to do anything they ask. It is all about your decision what type of nude shows you wish to perform and what you intend to show them from your body. For example if a webcam model would not like to use sexual toys then she does not have to, this is what the free chat is for, the webcam model and the potential paying members can talk over the details of the private show.

I actually work on another site, can I work on your site too simultaneously?

Yes, it is allowed. Although we advise chat hosts to avoid working on a massive number of websites at the same time! Your internet connection and computer power will probably not handle that much anyway. You will soon find out that paying attention to 1 or 2 sites means more money and less stress for you. Click here to start registering as a webcam model!

How and when do I get my payment from you?

We provide different ways to send you the earnings made on our site as a webcam model. There are two payout periods in a month so we send payments twice a month if you reach the minimum payout limit. If you earn over the minimum payout limit, we will send your payment. You will need to choose a desired payout option at the Model Sign up procedure.

If you send me my payout, will it be visible anywhere how I earned this money?

Of course not! We respect webcam models' privacy, all the payments we send will appear discretely and nobody will know how you made it.

Is there a minimum time I have to be online?

It' s all up to the chat hosts when they would like to work. There is no minimum or maximum time you need to be online, you are your own boss! Although note that for earning serious amount of money you should spend at least 3-4 hours online a day, members usually return to their favourite model day by day. You can make the biggest benefit from returning members so if you are usually online you will be a much more successful chat host. Your offline activity is also really important, you can send messages to members or update your bio page with new images, profile videos when you are not online. Members are curious about all details the webcam models share so they surely will check all your updates or messages and keep contact with you and will visit you more often in paid chat when you are online.

Can I perform with my boyfriend / girlfriend?

Yes you can! There is only one strict rule: the other person also has to go through the model sign up process. There are several couples working as chat hosts too so if you wish to perform with your boyfriend / girlfriend then feel free to try it, you have nothing to lose.

Where can I start the sign up process?

Click here to start registering as a Model