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The following page is a help for affiliates/webmasters to write reviews of Please do not copy-paste info from here, this is just a help for you to see all the useful information on one page, anyway Google does not like copied contents. To make your own, unique review, please check out the site yourself in order to make a real, honest review. We also can give you a member account with some free credits to test the site as a paying member (contact us at [email protected])

Some general info

  • SoulCams went online on Dec 1, 2016
  • Our team is small but dedicated. All our staff members have 10+ years work experience in the webcam industry
  • SoulCams is a transition between classic and 'tip for tits' type of adult webcam sites. Performers mostly preserve naked shows for private chats while they might show partial nudity for tips/gifts in free chat. It is a fact that the highest earning models on the site prefer the classic style, so they avoid showing nudity in free and they generate their income from private shows and not from getting tips in free.
  • Model & member friendly site attitude: easy site rules both for members and models. SoulCams does not penalize models or deduct money from their earnings for every small mistakes.
  • High payout for models: SoulCams gives on of the best percentages for models on the market. There are no tricks with token system, we use simple, easily-understandable credit system with clear stats for models. Models and chat hosts start from 50% in each period and can go up to 80%. If they refer a member they get +20% lifetime share after him (valid for the member's spending in the referral model's room only). On the top of that we spend a significant part of our income on model awards, model and member contests/promotions.
  • Currently around 70% of our webcam models are from Eastern-Europe (most typically from Romania, Russia, Ukraine)
  • Niches: currently 90% of our online models are in Girl category (around half of them are in nude, half in non-nude categories). The other 10% are mostly couples, transgender performers). Boy/gay performers are allowed to register however there is no targetted traffic for them yet.
  • Site languages: currently there is only English version of the site. We plan to translate the site to German, Spanish and French.
  • Mirror sites/whitelabel sites: there are no mirror or whitelabel sites yet of SoulCams. You as an affiliate the site you can advertise is

SoulCams member signup

  • member account signup is free, no credit card verification is required for creating a basic member account
  • no email verification must be done
  • no expiry date for free membership
  • no expiry date for credit balance
  • no hidden charges, no monthly fees

SoulCams member benefits

  • Webcam shows for as low as 0,99 credits / min
  • User friendly website with awesome features: SoulCams has various features for members such as wishlist, free inbuilt messaging system with the option to send attachments, writing reviews of models
  • VIP membership comes with extra credits: VIP members get extra credits on each credit package.
  • Members can receive extra bonus for referring models or fellow members: members can refer other members or other models for bonus credits. More info here: Referral systems for members
  • Receiving free gift credits from models: SoulCams Team usually gives gift credits for models and chat hosts for promotional purposes. Models can distribute these credits among any active or VIP members they desire and the members can use these credits only on the model they got it from. More info here: How the gift credit system works - for members
  • Winning extra credits on the constant Member Awards: SoulCams Team distributes 300 promotional credits among 5 members every week. More info: Member Awards

SoulCams credit system

We use credit system on SoulCams. 1 USD/1 EUR = 1 credit.

Check out the following chart to see SoulCams' credit system, including the credit package bonuses for standard members and VIP members: Credit system on SoulCams

Member features on SoulCams

  • Free private conversation: special feature on SoulCams. In free chat models can invite members to a private conversation. It is free for the member and a good way for the model to get to know the member better. It is still free chat and the conversation is separated from the main free chat, so other users will not see the conversation. The private conversation is usually limited for some minutes.
  • Free inbuilt message system: it goes without saying what it means but it is important to note that it is totally free of charge for members and they can enclose images as well.
  • Wishlist: members can write down their special requests and performers who are willing to that, will reply.
  • Reviews: members can write reviews of performers in whose room they spent at least 5 minutes in private within the last 45 days. SoulCams team usually rewards members writing proper reviews with bonus credits.
  • Cam2Cam and Voice2Voice: members can turn on their webcam and/or their microphone during private sessions. There is no extra fee for them on SoulCams!

Visitor statuses on SoulCams

  • Guests: guests are allowed to chat for a limited time, then system will offer the free member signup. Note: models have the option to mute guests completely in their room.
  • Basic members: they can chat without any limitation. Note: models can mute basic members completely in their room. Basic member cannot use SoulCams features still (like Messaging system, wishlist)
  • Active members: those who bought credits at least once. Membership is for life and active members can enjoy certain features (even if they do not buy credits any more), such as Wishlist, sending offline messages to performers even if their credit balance is zero.
  • VIP members: the highest level of membership. Their member ID and what they write in chatrooms will appear in yellow getting more attention from models. VIP members get higher extra credits on each credit package.

Visitor statuses and rights

Guest New member Active member VIP member
Private show, voyeur, tip no no yes yes
Cam2Cam, Voice2Voice (during private shows) no no yes yes
Vote on models after private shows no no yes yes
extra credits on credit packages N/A no no yes
creating member profile and uploading member gallery images N/A no yes yes
access to models' 'free' and 'photo contest' gallery folders yes yes yes yes
access to models' 'For members' gallery folder no no yes yes
access to models' profile page, member comments and reviews yes yes yes yes
write comments no no yes yes
write reviews no no yes yes
wishlist no no yes yes
Inbuilt-message feature (sending offline messages to models for free) no no yes yes
Follow models no no yes yes
Full screen mode (watching models' camera feed) yes yes yes yes
Option to see performers' and chat hosts' free contents no no yes yes

VIP membership

The biggest benefit of becoming a VIP member is the opportunity to buy credits on our site without any daily limits and to get higher bonuses for every credit purchases. A VIP member is highlighted with yellow text in the chat rooms, therefore models will recognize a VIP member instantly. Models can invite users to private conversations in free chat, for standard members the duration of invites is limited per day while VIP members can be invited for significantly longer time.
There are two VIP membership periods in a month, these are 1) from 1th till 15th of each month, 2) from 16th till the end of the month. More info about the VIP membership here: Vip membership benefits.

Credit purchase options

SoulCams accepts all major credit/debit cards.

Besides credit/debit cards, members have other options to buy credits on SoulCams.

  • Sofort Banking: you can pay smoothly and securely. All you need to have are the details (PIN/TAN) of your online bank account at hand. Available for users from: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland
  • Bank wire transfer: a simple wire transfer solution initiated by you, the customer. Advanced Direct Pay offers a secure and discreet way to pay.
  • PaySafeCard: Buy paysafecard at over 450.000 sales outlets around the world and pay with it at thousands of online shops. You do not have to enter any personal information or bank account or credit card details. Your privacy remains completely protected at all times. You can buy PaySafeCard in the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay. Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK

How members can spend credits on SoulCams

  • Standard private: more members can join the show in the same time (maximum 4 members)
  • One-on-One private: only 1 member can see the model and chat with her, other members can not join the show or use the voyeur option
  • Voyeur: members can peek in the models' room if they are in private session or in members only' mode. Members CANNOT TYPE, only watch the live stream. If the model has a 'One-on-One session then other members cannot peek in the room with Voyeur feature either
  • Tip/Gift: Members can send models and chat hosts tips both when they are online with cam or phone or when they are offline.

Special events, promotions for members

SoulCams usually runs special contests, bonus periods, promotions both for members and models/chat hosts.

Some of the member promotions we have run recently:

  • 'Buy 2 get 3': meaning that members buying the same credit package twice get +1 extra package for free'
  • Buy today and get 50% more credits
  • Buy your lucky today on SoulCams Credit Lottery!

Referral system for members - Options to get bonus credits (one-time, lifetime)

Members can refer other members or models / chat hosts for a lifetime share or one-time bonus.

  • Model/ chat host referral: we will reward the member with 50 bonus credits and 600 seconds free voyeur after each referred model or chat host and on the top of that the models or chat hosts the member refers will get 10% more share lifetime from the credits he spends in their room.
  • Member referral: members who refer other members to us will get 50 bonus credits and 5% of the referred members’ purchases lifetime! As long as the members you refer buy credits on the site you will get 5% portion of their purchases. It is a great way to get extra credits from us lifetime only by inviting your friends to us!

To be improved on SoulCams

We are aware of the features we should improve in order to become competitive:

  • no 16:9 (widescreen) resolution of model camera feeds yet
  • quality of models' camera feed needs to be improved as well as changing the Flash-based techology
  • SoulCams would need more models and from more countries