Halloween Short Video Contest 2023

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The contest starts on 16 Oct 2023 and ends on 2 Nov 2023. All times and dates are according to CET (UTC+1).

The aim of the contest is to upload Halloween-themed short videos and get as many views of them as possible. 5 Models with the highest points will win cash prizes.

To qualify for the contest, you must have

  • An approved and active Performer Account (accounts suspended for violation of our rules will be automatically disqualified from the contest)
  • At least one video that was uploaded during the contest period and met the criterias and was approved by our admin team

Video requirements

  • The video must be a free video. Premium videos will not count. If you you set a free video to premium meantime then its views will not count in the contest further.
  • The video has to be between 15 and 60 seconds. Shorter or longer videos will not qualify for the contest
  • The free videos should be connected to Halloween and can be both softcore and explicit, it is up to you.

How to upload your videos

Please check out this wiki page to learn how to upload your videos.


As an inspiration, we are sharing some example videos:

How your points add up

Your contest point is based on the total views of all your videos that you uploaded during the contest period and were approved by admin team.

1 video view = 1 point. More videos = more points!

The real time results can be checked on the following link: https://www.soulcams.com/memberarea/contest_rate.php?num=94

How the video views are counted

Guests cannot watch free videos. Member views count (basic members, active members, VIP members, Fan club members) in the contest.

A view is recorded when a member plays your free video (hitting the play button).

If a member (including all his accounts) watches the same video over and over then 1 view can be recorded and counted every 6 hours.

Promoting, sharing your videos

Your uploaded videos has individual links that you can copy and share elsewhere. Find these links in your performer account at menu 'My videos' in the third column (Video link).

Please make sure to use the hashtag #schalloween2023 in your posts.


  • Do not upload the same video over and over. Cutting the same video to short pieces and uploading them will not be accepted
  • You decide on the subject of the video but make sure it is engaging and interesting to the customers and connected to Halloween.
  • Do not upload videos with watermarks, copyrighted videos or videos that you do not own
  • We prefer English language in the videos but other languages are also accepted
  • Our experience shows, that you can make the best videos with your mobile phone or a digital camera. A webcam could also work if the lights are well set, but the frame rate might be limited

Forbidden practices

In order to keep the contest fair for everybody, we created some simple rules. Please respect these rules and respect other users. We reserve the right to disqualify Performer Accounts that violate the rules.

The following practices are strictly forbidden:

  • Promotion of your profile and/or services through spamming (including email, comments, chat, board and so on)
  • Forcing members to view your videos
  • Mocking, harassing other models or users of SoulCams
  • Involvement in fraud
  • Uploading videos that you do not own and/or you not appearing on
  • Showing prohibited contents on videos. See the list of prohibited contents here

Tips for getting higher views

  • Use social media platforms, community websites, your own website or blog to keep your circles updated
  • Be active during the contest: uploading new short videos on regular basis is important