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You can upload your videos that you would like to sell to your fans, returning clients or to any member on the site.

Just log into your model account and click on 'My videos' menu at the top-right corner of the menu bar.

Click on 'Select file' and look for the video on your PC and once found click on 'Upload'. You should see a progress bar, once it reaches 100% the system will convert the video to an appropriate format and your video will appear under the 'List of your uploaded videos' part. Refresh the page and check out the result of the convert, system will note if it was successful or if an error occured.

10 reasons why SoulCams is the right place for your videos

Read here why our site is the right place to sell your videos: 10 reasons why SoulCams is the right place for your videos

Who can see my videos?

When you upload videos, they will appear on SoulCams' sub-page called 'Videos' (you can check them out here: and on your model profile beneath your introduction text.

If you have privacy issues, you can use our professional country and US state ban feature. You can find this setting in your account at menu 'Settings / My privacy'. If you ban countries or states, visitors from those places will neither see your video nor find your profile at all on the site.

  • Guests will be able to see the the cover photo (thumbnail) of your video(s) only including their title, description, tags, duration and their price. Guests are also not allowed to peek in your video or see a sample of it.
  • Basic members (= members with free registration but with no purchase yet): besides the video title, description, tags, duration and the price, basic members can see randomly generated thumbnails of your video. Still, not a peek or a sample is available for them from your video, except if you set your video with 0 token price (= free video).
  • Members (including active members, VIP members, Fan club members): they will see the same information just like guests and basic members until they purchase your video. Once they buy your video, they have full access to it.

Visitor statuses and rights

Guests Basic members* Active members*
video list page (list of videos) yes yes yes
Title, description, tags, duration and price yes yes yes
thumbnails of the video no yes yes
free videos (price = 0 token) no yes yes

- * basic members: members with a free registration, without any token purchase yet.

- *active members (including Fan club members, VIP members) are those who purchased tokens at least once.

Paying videos of course can be watched by active members once they purchase the video. Once they buy your video, they have full access to it.

Supported formats and maximum allowed size

  • Our system can process all the major video formats
  • Maximum file limit: 3GB

Video resolutions

For the convenience and compatibility, we keep the maximum video resolution to FHD (1920x1080 pixels). Videos uploaded in higher resolutions (4K or higher) will be resized to FHD. FHD is a common format, most devices are able to play it without an issue and it looks great on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop- and TV screens. It is also the best resolution for online streaming, as we can keep the file size relatively small while achieving the best video quality. Video files that have a smaller resolution (for example 720p or 480p) will their original resolution. We recommend uploading videos in 720p or 1080p resolutions for best quality. We also recommend recording your videos in landscape mode, although portrait mode is also accepted.

Recommended resolutions:

  • FHD - 1080p (best quality, higher file size)
  • HD - 720p (good quality, smaller size)
  • SD - 480p (lower quality, small size)

Formats accepted:

  • QHD - 1440p

Editing video info

Title and description

Add a good title to your video, write a short description and set the price of it (Free (0 token) or between 1-999 tokens).

System will make five thumbnails of your video, select the one you desire and click on 'Set it as default'.


You can set the video's price between 0 and 1000 Tokens. Please set the price wisely. Read more about the Token system here: If you set the video's price to 0, it means that members will be able to watch your video for free.

Video tags

Video tags are words and phrases used to describe the content of your video, so tagging your video accordingly is really important. Tags also make it easier for users to know what your video is about. Just start typing keywords about your video and recommendations will popup. If you did not the desired tag or want to add something special, you can set your own tags.

We recommend that you choose your tags wisely. Don’t list something that is not you (if you are short, don’t add #tall or if you have blonde hair, do not add #brunette). Choose common tag, that are widely used and popular.


Video processing statuses

  • upload progress: Your video is being uploaded right now
  • upload stopped: We have encountered unexpected problems uploading your video. It is either because of issues with available bandwidth on the network you're using or you might have closed the uploading tab by accident. Please select the same video file again on the uploading page in order to proceed with the video uploading.
  • processing queued: Your video file has been uploaded successfully and now it is in the processing queue. Processing speed depends on the length of your video and the number of other videos in the queue. Please be patient till the process completes.
  • processing: "Your video is being processed right now. It can take a while based on your video format, duration and size.
  • error: Video processing failed. It could happen if the video file is damaged. Please contact our support at and we'll try to resolve the issue.",
  • new: Your video has been processed successfully. Please make sure to fill out all the requested video information (title, description, video price, selecting a thumbnail) and save the settings. Your video stays pending until it is approved (usually within one day). You will be notified once the video is approved.
  • active: Your video has been processed and approved. The video is now available on the site for our members.
  • inactive: The video has been inactivated and is now not available for the members.",
  • rejected: Your video has been processed but was rejected by our team. It could be due to various reasons. We have sent you a message about the explanation of the rejection.


The following things, actual or implied, are absolutely forbidden on this website at any time and for any reason, in both private and free chat and on prerecorded videos as well.

Most of them constitute zero-tolerance violations which means you will be banned the first time it happens.

Please see the list of forbidden things on the following wiki page.



In addition to the Terms of Use for Chat Hosts, you agree to comply with the following requirements. SoulCams may immediately terminate connections with you and your use of the Site without notice if we suspect that you have violated any of the following requirements.

- You provide truthful, current and complete information, including, without limitation, correct representation of skills, degrees, qualifications, credentials, background and other information. You will not misrepresent yourself or create a misleading Chat Host name or profile.

- You will conduct all communications that you have with other Members only through the Site and you will not circumvent or attempt to circumvent the Site using third-party payment services.

- You will not provide irrelevant services on SoulCams different than a SoulCams Chat Host profile would enable you to do.

- You agree to hold SoulCams harmless regarding your use of the Site.

- SoulCams does not refer, endorse, recommend, verify, evaluate or guarantee any advice, information and other products or services provided by Chat Hosts or Members, or any specific Member, Chat Host or Chat Host Services, and nothing shall be considered as a referral, endorsement, recommendation or guarantee of any Chat Host or group of Chat Hosts by SoulCams. You will not create or distribute information, including but not limited to advertisements or other marketing materials or include links to sites of any of any third party businesses. SoulCams reserves the right to warn, suspend or terminate at any time and without notice any account in its sole discretion that is transmitting or is otherwise connected with such prohibited endorsement.

Anti-Spam Policy

What is spam?

"Spam" is an unsolicited e-mail message including commercial e-mail, bulk e-mail and junk e-mail sent to individuals who have not given their consent to receive such messages, who have not requested information contained in such messages and who have no prior professional or personal relationship with the sender.

No Spamming

You should not send spam to any Members or other Chat Hosts. Please note that such behavior may ensue you banning from the site eventually.

Receiving Spam

In the event that you receive spam mail, please report it to us immediately. Please be sure to paste the full text of the message you received and the name of the Member or the Chat Host that sent you the message.