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2000 USD as a welcome bonus? Yes, it is possible on SoulCams!

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How to apply for the bonus?

Models registering after 16 December, 2022 will automatically take part in this promotion (you do not need to apply separately) if the following criterias are met:

How to get the $2.000 welcome bonus?

  • All you need to do is to earn over $500 in 6 consecutive periods. We divide each month into two earning periods, these are: I. earning period: 1st - 15th of the month; II. earning period: 16th - till the end of the month.
  • As it is a Welcome bonus, the calculation begins right exactly when you start to work and you make your first income. It means that not your registration date matters but when you start to work and you make your first cent. Continuity is very important meaning that you need to earn minimum $500 in every periods in 6 consecutive periods in order to get the $2000 bonus. If you start to work and you fail to earn over $500 without bonuses in the first period then you will not be eligible for the bonus any more. For a similar promotion please check out our Performer loyalty program
  • Income types affecting and not affecting the Bonus Program calculation: In general, we can say that all income type counts, except bonuses. Please check out this chart to understand what income types affect and what don't effect the calculation:
Affecting Not affecting
Private shows (standard, One-on-One) Awards prizes, Contest prizes
Online tip 4-Hours Top, Monthly Top prizes
Offline tip Email confirm bonus
Video content sale New member bonus
Premium photo album sale Loyalty bonus
Fan Club subscription

How will I know that I qualify for the bonus?

As soon as you earn over $500 in a period, we will contact you via the inner-messaging system after the end of that period. Also, if meanwhile you would like to know how much more income you need to collect in order to qualify for the bonus, you can always contact us at support@soulcams.com.

If I fulfilled all the requirements, how do I get the 2000 USD bonus?

The 2000 USD bonus will be added to your statistics as one amount in 5 business days after the period end.

Suggested things to do

  • Have as many loyal members as you can: loyal members will result in a stable, steady income for you. Refer new members to us, remember that with referred members you earn higher %.
  • Keep continuous contact with your members, use the inbuilt-message system where you can attach images also.
  • Use social media like Twitter or your personal site/blog to contact your fans or to attract new one

Contact us

Got questions? Contact us at any of the following forms:

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