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Please note that will only compensate/refund tokens in the amount proportionally determined in accordance to the price paid and problem effectively reported when any token is lost due to technical difficulties related to the Service. In case of quality complaints, We will assess the situation and decide whether any compensation (SoulCam Tokens) or a full monetary refund is due.

Refund requests must be sent via email to and should clearly state the reason for refund. Please also tell us the transaction ID, the amount and the date of the transaction. All requests will be handled within 7 business days.

Bank Refunds

Please note that can refund only entire token packages. If your balance is less than the token price of the package you ask to be refunded, we cannot issue the refund.

Refund Requests Made Directly to Your Bank or Payment Processors

Please note that requesting a refund directly from your credit card company or the billing processors may result in your account with being terminated with immediate effect. In the event that your account is terminated, you will not be permitted to open further accounts with If you are dissatisfied with the services provided or wish to dispute a transaction, please contact us directly at first and we will do our best to assist you.