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Why to join the SoulCams webmaster program?

  • Up to 35% Revenue share (15%-35%)
  • 80 USD PPS
  • Payouts twice per month
  • Detailed, accurate, real time statistics system
  • Reputable company with over 10 years of business
  • Custom made solutions for established webmasters

Revenue share: up to 35%

  • Earn revenue up to 35% with Revshare program and earn steady income with returning members. Never lose sales because of fragile cookies again. The offer is for lifetime!
  • Our revshare program starts at 20% and scales up to 35% based on your sales
  • Members are tracked by a cookie for the first 30 days after going through your link codes. This is immediately changed to a database level tracking, once they sign up for free (this will show up in your stats as a FREESIGNUP) on our webcam site at any point within this 30 days.
  • REVS commission rates are scalable up to 35% based on the gross amount of sales you make with the REVS program in each pay-period.

The following chart shows how you can earn up to 35% revenue share:

Members' gross purchase* Revshare %
0 - 1999 15%
2.000 - 9.999 20%
10.000 - 19.999 25%
20.000 - 34.999 30%
35.000 - 49.999 32%
above $50.000 35%
  • *Members' gross purchase means the sales the converted members make through the Revshare program
  • By default your revshare commission starts with 15% in the beginning of each period (periods are from 1-15 and 16-till the end of each month). Once members' gross purchase reaches $2000 in a period, your earnings above that will be calculated with 20% share. If members' gross purchase reaches $10.000 then your revshare earnings made above that will be calculated by 25% and so on.

Pay Per Signup - PPS

The PPS bonus is fix $80.

You will get your PPS bonus as soon as the member buys his first token package (successful, approved purchase) which should be at least 19,99 EUR/GBP/USD.

Confirmed Free Signup

Ended on 2023-03-31 - We pay $2for every new customer with a confirmed email address you refer. It is automatically generated, you do not have to change your link codes or add any parameters. There are no geo restrictions, but we expect the traffic to be coming from Tier1 geos in the first place. Mixed geos are also OK as long as you are you keep the rules. We reserve the right to remove certain users and the commission if:

  • the email address is a duplicate
  • the email address belongs to a known fraud/scam
  • the email address bounces back shortly after confirmation (within 2 weeks)
  • the email address belongs to a disposable email provider
  • the email address already exists in our system
  • the email address belongs to a Model or Studio account


  • Do not create accounts yourself or try to cerate automated signups
  • Do not spam other websites (forums, blogs, comment sections, chat rooms, emails etc.)
  • We limit the maximum number of monthly free signups to 150 per webmaster (yes, you can send more signups, but only 150 will be paid)
  • Model or Studio account holders can not participate in the promotion nor are they eligible for a webmaster account

NOTE: The free-signup bonus comes on top of the regular REVS or PPS commission.

Webmaster referral program

  • By promoting SoulCams webmaster program to fellow affiliates, you will receive a commission of 10% of the earnings of each affiliate you refer to us lifetime!
  • Once you refer a webmaster to us, (they are tracked by a 30 day cookie until they decide to sign up to SoulCams affiliate program) that webmaster's account will be tied to your account on a database level for life.
  • Find your individual webmaster referral link at 'Referral links' menu in your webmaster account.

Model referral program

  • Refer webcam models and earn a steady 10% lifetime share from their net earnings
  • Your share from models' income will be credited to your stats when they have a payout due.
  • Look for your individual performer referral link in 'Referral links' menu.
  • We manually check every Model registration and we reserve the right to reject it based on our internal rules. Models engaging in fraud will not be paid. In such case the webmaster commission will also be nulled. If a webmaster is involved in the fraud, all earning will be ceased and the account will be terminated



We divide each month into two earning periods, these are:

  • I. earning period: 1st - 15th of the month
  • II. earning period: 16th - till the end of the month

Payout limit

  • Payout limit is the amount of earnings you need to collect in order to get paid
  • If you earn less than the payout limit then your earnings will be rolled over to the next payout period.
  • The current minimum payout limit is $200. The limit can be set from the Account / Payment settings menu between pay periods
  • Once you reached the payout limit you do not need to request a payout, it will happen automatically in case you have an approved payout option selected.
  • A scan of a valid photo-document and a selfie with the document is required for the first payout. We acccept any goverment issued photo IDs (driver's license, ID, passport.) The document must contain description in latin script. Payout is done twice per month by Paxum, CosmoPayment, wire transfer and PayPal.

Payout dates

We send payouts twice a months, in 15 working days after the period end (periods are: I. period: 1-15th, II. period: 16-till the end of the month).

Payment method

To know more about the payout methods, payout limit, payout dates read the Payment methods and rules