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Why to join the SoulCams webmaster program?

  • Up to 30% Revenue share (20%-30%)
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • Detailed, accurate, real time statistics system
  • Reputable company with over 10 years of business
  • Custom made solutions for serious webmasters

Revenue share: up to 30%

  • Earn revenue up to 30% with Revshare program and earn steady income with returning members. Never lose sales because of fragile cookies again. The offer is for lifetime!
  • Our revshare program starts at 20% and scales up to 30% based on your sales
  • Members are tracked by a cookie for the first 30 days after going through your link codes. This is immediately changed to a database level tracking, once they sign up for free (this will show up in your stats as a FREESIGNUP) on our webcam site at any point within this 30 days.
  • REVS commission rates are scalable up to 30% based on the gross amount of sales you make with the REVS program in each pay-period.

The following chart shows how you can earn up to 30% revenue share:

Members' gross purchase* Revshare %
$0 - $2000 20%
$2001 - $4500 25%
$4501 - 30%
  • *Members' gross purchase means the sales the converted members make through the Revshare program
  • By default your revshare commission starts with 20% in the beginning of each period (periods are from 1-15 and 16-till the end of each month). Once members' gross purchase reaches $2000 in a period, your earnings above that will be calculated with 25% share. If members' gross purchase reaches $4500 then your revshare earnings on the top of that will be calculated by 30%.

Webmaster referral program

  • By promoting SoulCams webmaster program to fellow affiliates, you will receive a commission of 10% of the earnings of each affiliate you refer to us lifetime!
  • Once you refer a webmaster to us, (they are tracked by a 30 day cookie until they decide to sign up to SoulCams affiliate program) that webmaster's account will be tied to your account on a database level for life.
  • Find your individual webmaster referral link at 'Referral links' menu in your webmaster account.

Model referral program

  • Refer webcam models and earn a steady 10% share from their income lifetime!
  • Your share from models' income will be credited to your stats when they have a payout due.
  • Look for your individual performer referral link in 'Referral links' menu.



We divide each month into two earning periods, these are:

  • I. earning period: 1st - 15th of the month
  • II. earning period: 16th - till the end of the month

Payout limit

  • Payout limit is the amount of earnings you need to collect in order to get paid
  • If you earn less than the payout limit then your earnings will be rolled over to the next payout period.
  • The current minimum payout limit is $50 The limit can be set from the 'Account/Payment settings' menu between pay periods.
  • Once you reached the payout limit you do not need to request a payout, it will happen automatically in case you have an approved payout option selected.

Payout dates

We send payouts twice a months, in 8 working days after the period end (periods are: I. period: 1-15th, II. period: 16-till the end of the month).

Payment method

To know more about the payout methods, payout limit, payout dates read the Payment methods and rules field.