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Hourly Top and Monthly Top have been shut down on 1 October, 2023. Please check out our other promotions on this page

4-Hours Top and Monthly Top

Besides generating income by private shows, spies and tips, you can also earn extra money by taking part in our 4-Hours Top and Monthly Top contest.

  • Every 4 hours, the top 7 models collect points that will be taken to the Monthly Top competition.
  • The top 11 models will win extra cash prizes in the Monthly Top.
  • We are giving away $2645 every month for the Monthly Top.

See the result of the 4-Hour contests here: https://www.soulcams.com/memberarea/contest_rate.php?special=HourlyContest

See the results of the Monthly Top here: https://www.soulcams.com/memberarea/contest_rate.php?special=MonthlyContest

The conditions of participating in the 4-Hours Top and Monthly Top

  • an approved performer account
  • at least 5 uploaded, good-quality pictures in FREE ALBUM
  • a properly filled out, attractive profile:
    • Profile text: an attractive introduction with at least 300 characters. (You can update your introduction text in your model account (menu Settings / My profile and 'Tell us something about yourself' section at the bottom of the page).
    • Tags: at least 5 tags added to your profile to describe yourself (and your private show and/or what users can expect from you while you are online). You can update your tag list in your model account (menu Settings / My profile and Performer category and tags section)
  • a model has to generate at least 2 usd income in the 4-Hour segment to get into the 4-Hours Top. This rule is valid for each 4-Hour segment. The income can be made either/or from private shows (both standard and 1on1), spy sessions or online tips (offline tips do not count). Let’s say, you have been online in free chat for an hour in the 4-Hour segment. You collected the min. 2 USD income after the first hour and you get into the competition. You will receive the relevant contest points for your income as well as the points for online free chat time that you have spent from the beginning of the 4-Hour segment.
  • A model has to spend at least 30 mins online in a 4-Hour segment to qualify and this rule is meant for each 4-Hour segment. The 30 minutes can be of free chat time and/or private chat time and/or Hidden cam mode. As soon as you meet this condition, you will appear in the relevant 4-Hour segment with the points you collected so far.

4-Hours Top

  • The Top 7 models will receive SoulCams Points every 4 hours, Monthly Top results will be based on the number of SoulCams Points.
  • You can participate in all 4-Hour sessions with the same chance as there is no limitation on how many times you can win
  • All times and dates are according to CET (UTC+1). The 4-Hour cycles are as it follows (based on CET):
    • 00:00:00 - 03:59:59
    • 04:00:00 - 07:59:59
    • 08:00:00 - 11:59:59
    • 12:00:00 - 15:59:59
    • 16:00:00 - 19:59:59
    • 20:00:00 - 23:59:59

How your SoulCams Contest points add up:

  • private shows (standard and 1on1) and spy: Multiplier is: 2,5x. E.g. you generated 30 USD income from a private show. It will result in 30 x 2,5 = 75 SoulCams points for you.
  • tips / virtual gifts: only tips and virtual gifts received during online time count. Tips received offline do not. Multiplier: 1x. E.g. You are online and you receive a tip and you get 20 USD income for it. It will mean: 20 x 1 = 20 SoulCams points for you.
  • online time: only free chat time counts, online time spent in Hidden cam mode and private do not. 1 hour online time spent in free chat = 20 points. You will receive the relevant online free chat points on second basis.
  • Followers: Members can follow you by clicking on the ‘Follow’ icon on your profile. Both basic members (without purchase) and standard can follow you. You can receive 5 points if a Member with at least one purchase will start following you (basic member followers do not count). Note: a member already following you, unfollowing and following again, will not count.

Models requesting to opt out of the Monthly contest

Rarely but happens that a performer asks to be opted out of the Monthly Top for whatever reasons. If a model decides so, she will be removed from the 4-Hours Top also. Moreover, once a model has opted out of the current Monthly Top (and 4-Hours Top), she will not be eligible to re-enter until the next month.

Prizes and points (4-Hour contest):

Ranks Points
1 500
2 400
3 300
4 200
5 100
6 90
7 85

Monthly Top

Rank Prize ($)
1 $1000
2 $750
3 $300
4 $200
5 $125
6 $75
7 $50
8 $45
9 $40
10 $35
11 $25


We reserve the right to disqualify models from contests and promotions if the performance or quality of the stream is not up to our standards. We consider these events and incidents as damaging to the website's reputation and will not tolerate them. These include, but not limited to the following:

  • Broadcasting low quality, bad stream (low FPS, low resolution, low light conditions, artifacts, etc.)
  • Empty chat room (model is not appearing on cam), both in Free chat and Hidden cam mode
  • Appearance not appropriate: model should look authentic and attractive
    • Dirty or messy clothing
    • Lack of overall hygiene
    • Lack of mental and/or physical fitness (sleep deprivation, looking tired or exhausted)
    • Being online too long without break/sleep
    • sleeping in front of the cam or 'passing out'
  • Broadcasting pre-recorded video instead of live stream
  • Constant stream showing total zoom on one specific body part, clothing item or room equipment/furniture
  • Still stream (one frame showing only as still image)
  • Using stolen identity / fake IDs to register a model account
  • Forcing or soliciting members to vote, tip, start a private session, etc.
  • Mocking, harassing other models or users of SoulCams. Talking about other models in a disrespectful way.
  • Promotion of your profile and/or services through spamming (including email, comments, chat, board and so on)
  • Model using her own card, friends' card, family members' card for creating member account and buying tokens to spend them on herself, abusing the contest points
  • involvement in fraud

In certain cases, we will notify and warn the model before suspension but in some cases we will suspend the account for a given time or even close the account immediately.

Step 1: Notification, warning (by email or in chat)

Step 2: Suspension of account (from 1 hour to a few days, depending on the severity)

Step 3: Closing of the account and in some cases holding payments