Earnings bonus promotion

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This is a new type of promotion for models where you do not need to compete with others but you can get bonuses based on your performance (income).

Based on the announcement, you need to reach a predefined earning amount in order to get the bonus. There can be one or even more bonus levels. It depends on the current promotion.

Conditions of participating in the promotion

  • an approved performer account
  • minimum 10, high quality images in your free galley
  • a properly filled out profile (profile text, personal details, usage of tags)

Earnings bonus explanation

When an earnings bonus promotion runs, you will see an extra box at the top of the very first page in your performer area with title 'Earnings bonus'.

You will see the following details, please check them here what they exactly mean:

  • Bonus period: this is the preannounced promotion time. You need to generate your earnings during this period in order to receive bonus(es).
  • Earnings: you will see the earnings here you have generated so far. Important: your income without bonuses counts in this calculation. It means that private shows, tips/virtual gifts, spies, photo votes and Fan club incomes and content sales (image albums, videos) count only. Bonuses like new member bonuses, other contest prizes, etc are not included.
  • Bonus: this shows the % bonus you have reached so far. In brackets, you will see that based on your current earnings, how much bonus you are eligible for. Note: the bonus(es) will be added to your stats when the earnings bonus promotion is over,
  • Earnings needed for the next bonus: you can check here how much more money you need to make in order to reach a bonus level. If there are more bonus levels, you will always see here the amount you need to make to reach the next bonus level.