10 myths about webcam modeling

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There are so many misconceptions and false information circulating about webcam modelling, so I thought I would put together a list of the most common ones and try to give a clear picture on the reality. Thank you for reading!

1. I have to look like a supermodel or have a perfect body

No, you don't need to look like a supermodel or have a a so called "perfect body". You need to feel comfortable with how you look like and who you are. Your personality is the key to your success and this is what your customers are looking for. No matter what body you have, it's perfect as it is.

2. I can not earn enough money with this job

It all depends on how serious you are in what you do. Many cam girls make a good money with their job and enjoy doing so. Some do it beside their daily jobs or studying but there are full-time webcam models. Like with any other jobs, the time you put into it and the quality of your work will make a huge difference in the result. Success might not come overnight, be patient and don't give up!

3. I can make millions with this job and get rich overnight

Don't fall for false promises and don't believe everything you read. Some websites will try to lure you into working with them, claiming earnings of thousands of dollar or euros per week. Make no mistake, there are models who can earn this kind of money. They are those, who have worked in this business for many years, have a lot of experience and several returning viewers.

4. I need expensive equipment to start

Technology today makes it easier than ever before to start working as a webcam model. All you need is a computer (desktop or laptop) with a web camera and a high-speed internet access. In most cases, you can use a Mac, a PC with Windows or even a Linux system. Your bedroom or living room is a perfect place for your studio space. Chances are, that you already have a device that is suitable, so it will not break the bank. Once you start working and earning money, you can always invest more money to buy a high quality webcam or a digital camera.

5. I have to do kinky stuff while on cam

Believe it or not, but many of the highest earning webcam models are not making their money by showing off their body or doing all sorts of kinky stuff on cam. Being a model involves a lot of empathy, good communication skills and some basic psychology. Creating a bond between you and your viewers is about a lot more, than just sex. Don't force yourself doing something, that you are not comfortable with.

6. I think viewers on cam sites are crazy, rude or pervert (or all three)

Webcam sites and the promise of naked women attracts a lot of men. There are of course those, who can not behave in such an environment and could be annoying, rude or come up with crazy or pervert requests. Anonymity can change the way people interact, they might say things they would never say in real life. This is also part of the charm of video chat provides. You need to be able to handle this and use the moderation tools available. Most cam sites offer a way to report misbehaving viewers and can ban them from the website.

7. I have to be naked all the time

Only if you feel hot. A pretty dress, a sexy lingerie or a robe is better than being naked all the time and also gives a chance for a playful interaction between you and your viewers. Again, you have to feel comfortable with what you wear.

8. I can not work beside my study or fixed job

There are many women, who work as a webcam model beside their regular job or studies. You can have good results with even a few hours per day. In the end, it's not about how much time you spend online, but the quality of your presence.

9. I have no experience with being on cam

Welcome to the club! You don't need experience, it will come with time. Most cam models started out the same way. What you need is your personality, good communications skills, patience and an open mind. Most viewers like new models, because they are shy. Use this as an advantage, rather than worrying about this.

10. I don't want to get involved in porn

Being a webcam model will not make you a porn star. These are different jobs and require different skill sets and personality. Most cam sites now offer channels like flirt, friendship, counselling and other non-nude categories. Do your research and choose the site that fits you best.