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Conditions of buying the VIP badge

You need to have a member account in active status with at least 5000 token purchase history altogether. If you have more member accounts, the same rule applies for each member account of yours.

In order to buy the VIP badge, you need to have at least 300 tokens available on your SoulCams member account balance as the VIP badge costs 300 tokens for 30 days.

The VIP badge costs 300 tokens for 30 days and is deducted from the SoulCams wallet. Unlike other websites, SoulCams will not charge your card.

How the subscription works

Please log into your SoulCams member account and click on your member username. Then select the 'VIP badge' from the menus and follow the instructions.

Renewing the VIP badge

VIP badge is not auto-renewal so you need to buy it always manually. When you subscribe, you get the VIP badge for 30 days. We will send you a reminder email and inner-message 2 days before your VIP badge expires.

You can also buy the VIP badge for +2x30 days in advance.

In case you would like to renew your VIP badge, but you do not have enough tokens in your wallet, your VIP Membership will be suspended. Once you have enough tokens, you can again subscribe.

If you bought the VIP badge but you change your mind and you want to cancel it, please contact us at

Benefits of VIP badge

VIP Members get a special badge and a highlighted usernamein the chat area. They also have a unique notification sound for Models, so they know immediately if a VIP Member is in the room.

See all the VIP benefits here:

  • Unique VIP badge and highlighted username in the chat: you get a special VIP badge and a different colour (check it out here). It means more attention from models
  • Exclusive virtual gifts only available to VIP Members: there are two extra virtual gift collections (2x30) available for VIP members which will appear in the gift collection tab after buying the VIP badge. These gifts are also cheaper compared to the other gifts. These virtual gifts are unique, containing such gifts that are not among the common gifts. Check out the virtual gifts for VIP members here
  • Unique sound when you enter the Models' chatroom: a special sound is played for the models when you enter their rooms (check out the sound here)
  • Your votes during or after a private show are doubled (a 5 star rating would mean 10 points for the model): you can vote on the model after spending at least 10 minutes uninterrupted in private show and if you are a VIP member, your votes count double for the model.
  • Photo contests votes are doubled: occasionally we run special photo contest where you can support the model by casting your votes in their images. There is a often a pyramid-type of ranking for the models and at the end, the models with the best ranks win extra cash prizes. If you are a VIP member and you vote on contest images, your votes will mean more points for the models.
  • Contest likes are counted double (1 like means 2 points for the model): you often can support the models by hitting the 'Like' button on their profile or beneath the chat interface. VIP member likes will mean more points for the models.
  • Priority support