Chargeback protection

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A chargeback is when someone disputes a charge and the credit card company or bank reverses the payment.

All webcam sites have chargebacks. Thanks to our professional team, we are very efficient to filter out fraudulent transactions, however chargebacks cannot be avoided fully. Still, we are proud to say that the chargeback ratio of SoulCams is very low and we do our best to keep it as low as possible.

In case of chargebacks, the webcam site either reverses all the tips, privates / payments the performers have received, or honor those privates, tips / tokens and cover the chargeback.

We are glad to announce, that as of 1 August, 2019, we will cover chargebacks for Models. Every model takes part in the chargeback protection program automatically. It means that your earnings are safe with us and if you happen to have a chargeback, we will cover it for you.

The chargeback protection does not appy to the following cases:

  • Models or Studios taking part in planned fraud with a member or any kind of involvement
  • Member complaints - if found valid - might result in deduction of the amount from the Models' statistics (Including but not limited to stalling a member, not doing as agreed, bad quality video, etc.)
  • Models making member accounts and purchasing tokens

The above cases are not covered by our chargeback protection program. Taking part in planned fraud will result in immediate suspension of your account(s) and payout will be held (regardless if a chargeback has been made or not).