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  • You can broadcast high quality live stream with smooth video and sound.
  • The application works directly from your browser on any platform (PC, Mac, Linux), with the most of the modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).
  • If you would like to download a browser you can do it here
  • Make sure you always have the latest flash plugin installed, it can be downloaded from right here.
  • We recommend using High Definition (HD) or High Quality (HQ) streams.

System Requirements

We strongly recommend you using a desktop PC instead of a notebook for your work because of performance and heat issues (notebooks will often downgrade performance in order to prevent damaging due to heat), also a desktop PC will most likely provide you a wider range of possibilities (e.g. upgrading hardware).

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above recommended (Windows 8, Windows 10). Note: Microsoft does not support Windows XP any more so it is strongly recommended to update your PC with a newer operation system). SoulCams model application works with MACs as well
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7, at least Quad Core Processor with 2 Ghz or higher; AMD Athlon™ Quad Core Processor with 2 Ghz, AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor with 4 Ghz or higher
  • Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution with 32-bit video card
  • 4 GB RAM memory or above recommended
  • Broadband connection with 1.5 Mbps international uploading and 2 Mbps downloading speed
  • Minimum 100 MB free space on local hard drive
  • Audio card and microphone for voice
  • Flash Player 11 or above installed within Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c or above

The Adobe Flash Player uses flash technology to stream live camera feeds and to operate the Chat interface on the site. For this reason, it is crucial to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Chrome comes with a built-in flash player but for other browsers, you may install or update it if necessary from here:


  • If you log into your Performer account you will see the following yellow-green button at the top-left part of the page.
  • Before you click on it please make sure that you have the latest Flash player installed for the browser you use. You can get the latest Flash Player from here:
  • Click on the 'Go online' button and a pop-up window will appear, this is the SoulCams Model Application If you disabled the pop-up windows in your browser then please enable it in your browser settings.
  • The following Flash-player window will appear for the first time, please click 'Allow' to allow to have access to your camera and microphone while you are online.
  • To broadcast you need to select the proper Video and Audio devices and the Quality you would like to broadcast in

Choose Quality

You can choose from three options:

  • HD (HighDefinition) - Choose 'HD' if you have a powerful PC and broadband internet connection with minimum 1 mpbs upload speed. You need to choose either your camera brand or the splitter you use under the 'Video Device' menu. Make sure that your camera is not in use anywhere else (close camera splitter softwares, Skype, instant messaging programs that might use your camera)
  • HQ (high Quality) - If you need to use a splitter and you have a good internet connection and powerful PC then please use this option.
  • SD (Standard) - If your upload speed is not sufficient and /or your PC is not powerful and you experience lagging, freezing camera feed with HD or HQ quality then please use the SD (Standard) quality.

Select Audio and Video device

Click on the arrows to select your proper cam and microphone devices.

  • If you use a microphone then look for the microphone brand and select that one. Note that viewers prefer models with audio on and models using a microphone are usually more successful.
  • If you use the camera directly (without any splitters) then choose your camera brand with clicking on the arrow.
  • If you use a camera splitter software then select the splitter name.


If you could go online successfully you will see your live camera feed (if not then you most probably could not set up your cam properly or your camera is not enabled in the Flash Player settings)

  • 'Click here to go offline': if you would like to go offline please always click here. Make sure that you do not close the model software with the 'X' at the top-right corner of the window as you may stuck online then.
  • 'You are online': The big green text will always indicate your online status
  • 'Click here to switch Members only mode': if you would like to stay online but you wish to hide your free camera feed from the visitors then click here. To understand what 'Members only mode' means exactly, how it works please read the 'Members only mode' section
  • Microphone icon: if you could set up your microphone successfully when you came online then you can enable or disable your mic by this icon
  • 'Break mode': if you would like to take a short break but you would not like to go offline you can use this feature. Please read more about it under the Break function section
  • '2 persons'icon: this button will redirect you to the 'Send invitation mails' section where you can use our email sending system to refer members or fellow performers.
  • 'Profile page button': you can reach your performer account by clicking on this icon.
  • Awards: models and chat hosts can win on a special awards game. Here you can see the actual rankings and if you participate in it or not. You can read more about the model awards on the following link
  • Contest: you can check out the current model contest here (conditions, prizes)
  • Rating: here you can see the ranks of the actual model contest
  • Wishlist: There is a 'wishlist' menu in your performer account but you can check out the members' latest wishes here also. Clicking on the 'Reply' button you will be directed to the inbuilt message center and you can reply to the member's wish. Please read more about it under the Wishlist section
  • Messages: the last 10 messages you got from the members or from us will appear here. Clicking on the message the whole message text will appear. If you click on the 'Reply' text then you will be directed to your performer area where you can answer to the message. You can read more about it under Messages section
  • Double 'A': you can change font size here
  • 'T': You can use the quick texts here. Please read more about it under the Sender Quick section
  • 'S': when users enter your chat room a welcome message appears first at the top of your chat. Here you can see what your 'welcome' message is and clicking on the 'edit' button you will be redirected to your performer account where you can change this text.
  • 'clock icon': click on this icon if you would like to see the exact times (hour-minute-second) of your and the visitors' messages in the chat area.
  • 'scores icon': you can turn off and on the SoulCams model application notification sounds here.
  • Mute button: by clicking here you can mute either guests or basic members or both.

Visitor list, talking to the visitors, chatting with them

  • There are two columns where you will see the list of the users in your room. Members will appear at the top of both charts, below them the guests are.
  • If you would like to know more about the visitors types, the way the different type of users appear in the Model software and the colour they write in the chat field please read the Visitors types and how they appear and write in the SoulCams model application section.
  • The main free chat is the best place for showing yourself to the members or the future customers (guests). Reply to their questions, chat with them, introduce yourself more times if possible as newer and newer clients will arrive to your room who would like to get to know you better. All users in your free chat room can read what you type, they see each other' s typing also.

Free private Conversation

If you would like to talk with a user separately in free chat then you can invite him to free private conversation. This means that you are still in free chat but your conversation will be separated from the main free chat, so nobody else will see what you type to each other. This is a great way for models to get to know customers better and it is a unique feature of SoulCams. You can select between the tabs, so while you talk with a viewer in private conversation you still can type to the main free chat as well by clicking on the 'FREE CHAT' tab and you can talk with more invited users separately.

Visitors types and how they appear and write in the SoulCams Model Application

There are four levels of user statuses on SoulCams, these are: Guests, New members, Active members and VIP members.

  • Guests: instead of guest01, guest02 etc they get random names consisting of two tags, e.g. 'Creeper Forest' and they will write in grey. Please pay special attention to the guests since they will be the future members. Talk to them and encourage them to register as a member, buy credits and take you to private show. Also note that some members browse the site as a guest first and they log into their account only later, so there might be guests in your room who are members already, they just did not log into their account. It is also important to note that when SoulCams buys traffic to the site they will appear as guests first, please do your best to reply to them as well, you have an important role in converting them to paying members.
  • Basic members: they are the members who registered on the site (choosing a username, adding an email address) but did not buy credits yet. Their member ID and what they write will appear in green. Please pay special attention to them since they already did the first step to take you to private, they just need to buy credits.
  • Active Members: they are the members who bought credits at least once. Their member ID and what they write will appear in green.
  • VIP Members: the highest level of membership. Their member ID and what they write will appear in yellow. VIP members are highly appreciated members on the site, they usually buy credits regularly and spends a lot so it is recommended to pay special attention to them.

Model application actions with a user

Choose a desired viewer in the visitor list and click on his name with left mouse button. A new window will appear with several options:

  • Invite: clicking on the 'invite' word you can invite the user to free private conversation. Please read more about this feature under the Free private conversation section.
  • Profile: members can decide to fill out their profile page including images also if they uploaded any. Clicking on it you will be directed to 'Members' menu and you will see the member's profile page. Please read more about it under the MEMBERS section.
  • Notes: you can take notes about members here and you can check out the previous notes also you wrote about the chosen member. It is a very useful feature that helps you to remember the most important details of the member. Please read more about it under the Notes section
  • Kick, Ban: if you have issues with a user in your room you have the right or kick or ban him. By using the kick feature you kick out the member from your room but he will be able to return, while banning the user will ban him for 3 hours from your room. Note: members using different IPs might be back to your room even if you ban them. If you have any such cases please report it to us so we could act accordingly.
  • Mark as favorite: you can mark a member favorite with this option. Next time if the member enters your room a heart icon will appear before his member ID, so you will know that you marked him as favorite and you need to pay special attention to him.
  • Rank: here you can see the member's actual rank in Member Awards. So if let's say you see the number 3 as 'rank' then it means that currently the member is the third one in the awards. Note: members have the option to hide their current rank from models.

Model software notification sounds

Here you can check out the notification sounds provided by the SoulCams Model application that you can hear while you are online. Click on the 'loudspeaker icon' to listen to the sounds.

notification sound listen description
receiving gift Loudspeaker icon.png you can receive virtual gifts from members while you are online in free chat area, members only mode and private chat also. If you hear this sound and you see the gift animation then you got a real gift from a member. It costs credits for the member and you get a share from it
receiving tip Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png Loudspeaker icon.png you can receive tips from members while you are online in free chat area, members only mode and private chat also and even if you are offline. If you hear this sound then you got a tip from a member. It costs credits for the member and you get a share from it
private start Loudspeaker icon.png if a member takes you to private chat you will hear this sound. This means that the member pays for the private show and you earn money.
voyeur start Loudspeaker icon.png while you are in members only mode or in private with a member already other members can use the voyeur feature to peek in your room (they cannot chat, just watch). Once you have a member peeking you will hear this sound. You have the option to limit the voyeur function, please read more about it under the Voyeur section
voyeur end Loudspeaker icon.png if the member using the voyeur function leaves your room you will hear this sound
favourite member join Loudspeaker icon.png models can mark members as favourite (follow). If you follow a member and the member enters your room next you will see a heart icon before his member ID and you will hear this special sound. You can read more about it under the My favourites section
VIP member enters Loudspeaker icon.png when a VIP member enters your room you will hear this special sound. Please make sure to pay special attention to them since they are highly appreciated members of the site.
disconnection Loudspeaker icon.png If you are online and you get disconnected you will hear this sound. (it might have several reasons: issues with your internet connection, PC). In this case close all browser windows and log into your performer account and go online again.