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A new way to get extra money with SoulCams! The scope is simple: earn at least $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months and we will reward you with $1000 bonus!

  • It is up to you when you earn the minimum $2000 in a calendar month. It is also all right if let’s say you earn $100 in the first period of a month and $1900 in the second period of the month. The main point is to earn over $2000 in a calendar month.
  • Continuity is very important meaning that you need to earn minimum $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months in order to get the $1000 bonus. If let’s say you earn $2000 in July but you earn less than $2000 in August then the process stops and the calculation of the ‘6 consecutive months’ rule will start again from the beginning, from the month in which you earn at least $2000 again.
  • Awards prizes, new member bonuses, Editors’ choice awards bonuses count in your income calculation also. All income types count except contest prices.
  • No matter if you are a webcam performer or you just sell your contents. Anyone can participate.
  • You take part in the program automatically as soon as you earn at least $2000 in a month.
  • If you successfully earned $2000 monthly in 6 consecutive months and you are eligible for the $1000 bonus then you can start participating in the promotion again in the following month immediately.
  • There is a separated menu in your performer account: 'Loyalty program' (at vertical menus) where you can check out your current status in the loyalty program.

Do I need to apply for the program if I would like to participate?

No, all models take part in the loyalty program automatically.

How will I get my bonus?

We will give you the $1000 bonus in 5 pieces, during 5 periods. Please note that we can credit the $200 bonuses to your stats in a period in case you earn at least $100. Rest assured, if you do not work in a period then the $200 bonus will not be lost, we will credit it to you in the next period when you reach the minimum payout limit. If a performer is part of a studio, the performer has to earn over $100 in a period (so not the studio performers altogether) in order to get bonus.

I am not sure if I can reach the $2000 income monthly. What should I do?

  • Have as many loyal members as you can: loyal members will result in a stable, steady income for you. Refer new members to us, remember that with referred members you earn higher %.
  • Keep continuous contact with your members, use the inbuilt-message system where you can attach images also.
  • Concentrate on Model awards and Performer contests, prizes you win on them count in the performer loyalty program calculation also
  • Use social media like Twitter or your personal site/blog to contact your fans or to attract new one